Who Then Will Guard The Guards?

So many years ago, when Mr. Ukpabi Asika was the governor of old East Central state. So many government items were disappearing from the government house. As a panacea to this unholy act, the governor convoked a meeting to address this issue of theft of government property by the same workers in the government house. Some one suggested that , every one  leaving the premises of the government house  must be thoroughly searched by the guards including his or her vehicle.

Mr. Ukpabi Asika as the chairman of the meeting at that point asked "Who will guard the guards?" meaning, who will then search the guard who may have  a criminal tendency at the point of leaving his office at the end of the day. That question was never answered. Now lets get down to the real issue , a lot of people have been attacking IPOB for calling the bluffs  of the cabals controlling Nigeria by calling  for election boycott. This article is actually dedicated to Biafrans who are standing on the fence on this issue, those who say Biafra in the day and at night will be shouting Obi Atiku. I want to prove to you that your PVC and your vote will not make any difference .

  1. During the 2015 election, there were reports of underage voters in the North ,what did you do? Nothing.
  2. During the 2015 election people came to poling units with their smart phones, party agents were posting the result according to units on line, that even before INEC released the final result, the masses already know the winner of the election through the social media. Some pockets of violence were captured and sent on line, thereby reducing ballot box robbery and violence to some extent as people are ready to upload it, immediately thereby aiding in the  security of lives  of voters. Now the government has made a pronouncement banning smart phones on polling units, Did you do anything to stop this violation of human right? No. Which means if Fulani militias or Boko Haram attack the  voters with AK47 there will be no pictorial of video evidence to substantiate such claims in a court of law.
  3. You have also heard that Nigerians in IDP camps in Niger and Chad will vote ,will you monitor their votes to prevent any inflation of figures and possible rigging? No.
  4. There were allegations that  Prof. Attahiru Jega created 5000 ghost polling units in the North did you go to investigate that?
  5. The identity crisis of Nigeria president is a major international issue, has anything been done to address all the question and forensic evidence presented by the leader of IPOB , Mazi Nnamdi Kanu?
  6. Why are you  participating in an electoral process with an intent to make a change in a country where the INEC,Judiciary and all security apparatus are handled by one ethnic group,  in a multi ethnic contraption? 
  7. Why are you participating in an election in a country  where your kinsmen are proscribed and tagged terrorists for asking for freedom, while those that rape your mother and slaughter  our people in our farm land are treated  as heroes of faith?
  8. Why do you participate in an election in a country that murdered over 5millions of your kinsmen and promoted the perpetrators to the rank of generals for doing a good job of killing your kinsmen?
  9. You want to participate in an election in a country  where you are regarded as an infidel Now that our opportunity to be free and excel like other advanced nation where every Biafra will excel to the fullness of  his or her  potentials .
  10. You want to participate in an election in an Islamic Republic to disgrace the people of God , Israel and other countries who are now speaking out against the injustice being meted to our people on daily basis since 1914 ? If we miss this great  opportunity now, you will be dumbfounded on the judgement seat of the most high for despising such great salvation given to us on a plater of gold. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu may not be  your choice of a  deliverer, your Pastor, your G. O. or son of a great Nigeria politicians, the Jews had such notion about Yahoshua the Messiah, what  we are talking about here is our freedom. After collecting bag of rice, sachet of salt, and =N=5,000 to cast your vote can your vote,  can you stand  up to hold the politicians accountable when they start their looting spree? You can not eat your cake and have it. Don't sell your freedom for a plate of porridge. Who will guard the  the guards? We are for a total boycott of Nigeria elections. Biafra is already here.


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Who Then Will Guard The Guards?

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Cutting Cake

As the saying of the wise still counts: "SAVE THE CANE AND SPOIL THE CHILD". Viewing the current brazenness, bravado and extreme impunity, with which people in Nigerian politics manifest and brandish dishonesty while in office; Nigerians must seat up and remain alert and on guard against this repugnance.

One day in their country Nigeria or elsewhere around the globe because people like borrowing a leaf from others. Especially if the new idea revolves on very sharp practices. One day, a village councillor, state legislator, State Governor, or even a National Assemblyman would be clandestinely stifled, removed and a body double (an impostor) fixed in or rammed down the throat of his electorate in their constituency albeit, in a stealthy manner. And his office, usurped by crooks.

With what started as a "rumour" cum allegation at the political and public scenes within Nigeria now, highlighted and being largely monitored keenly, by the global community, it would likely end up being a child's play in the future. If not duly curtailed, early enough. No one presently wants to boldly and bravely  face the gauntlet and steer this dangerously derailing ship, to the right direction. Voting out APC through the ballot box first, may not provide Nigeria with the needed holistic solution to the heavy problem on ground. 

Would they (the APC) concede and accept to relinquish power quietly...going by the vivid audacious tendencies of the Nigerian incumbents, in power ? Here, in the practical context, holding a Presidential election now, would be like placing the cart, before the horse. 

Many Nigerians and the outside world, are already quite aware of the allegation rife and milling around in the  country, that the Presidential seat in Aso Rock, is illegally occupied and by a foreign national; on a proxy contract, in the stead of the actual President Muhammadu Buhari. If he, (the impostor) is truly an alien, then (according to the Nigerian constitution and or the electoral laws) he is not even qualified to stand or contest any election in Nigeria. His true educational standard isn't well established yet. 

In my opinion, what Nigeria needs now and should do, is to first (set up a high powered Judicial Panel of Enquiry) to investigate the very serious allegation, if the judiciary is apt enough. They should prudently stand their juristic grounds and either clear him or find him indictable as alleged. The result of this probe, would legally either qualify him or bring his qualification, to a final nullity. And subsequently remove him from office, before any election. If by chance, he is a foreigner, should he enjoy all the presidential immunity as he does ? ? The country cannot go ahead and continue to base illegality on legality. The electorates deserve to know !

Nigeria should clear its stable of an alleged mess first; if the Nigerian constitution and electoral laws, must be seen to operate with a high degree of purity, certainty and firmness which should be inherently imbued in her.  Otherwise, you would be laying an ugly precedence ! Supposing he "Buhari-Jubril" wins the election prior to any probe...while his true identity is still in doubt, known the world over, then Nigeria would be seen wallowing along with him, without making any effort to officially verify the alleged absurdity. 

This type of allegation, is certainly novel and alien to, not only Nigeria but most countries around the globe. And should be quickly treated sensibly and nipped in the bud for the sake of the country's image. Surely, they have all heard it. And they are keenly watching, to see Nigeria and Nigerians play the ridiculous proverbial OSTRICH ! ! 

However, I am a Biafran. An irretrievable Biafran. True Biafrans are well known intellectual giants. And are very articulate. I am only trying to suggest to Zoo9ja, the best way out of her miserable Presidential election predicament. Hence, the IPOB with MAZI NNAMDI KANU leading the overwhelming majority of Biafrans, have seen the above bottleneck long ago and resolved to boycott such an election in advance. All hail Biafra.



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