Who Will Be Their Next Yoruba Fool?

Gowon to Awolowo: "Immediately after the war is over, you will be the head of Federal Government of Nigeria as elected president." Awolowo was deceived.

Abacha to Abiola: "I will restore your mandate after I take over from Shonekan." Abiola was fooled.

Buhari to Tinubu: "We will return Nigeria to True Federalism under a Hausa/Fulani APC presidential candidate." Tinubu was fooled.

Awolowo, Abiola, Tinubu were betrayed in their very eyes. Have you also heard APC caucus have said the name, "APC National Leader" given to Tinubu is just a nickname?

Northern oligarchs fooling the Southern leaders since 1641.

Now the question: Who will be the next fool?

Let our Yoruba leaders start thinking Yoruba first and Nigeria last.




Who Will Be Their Next
Yoruba Fool?

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