Why Igbos Take The Most Hit For All Biafran Ethnicities
By Tari Nemi

By Tari Nemi

Some Igbos wonder why Hausa Fulani hates them so much but pretend to love IJAW or Ogoni or Urhobo but yet call all of us Igbos in the north and Yoruba do the same in the west

Some of us from the other nationalities in Biafra (East of Yoruba and south of Hausa Fulani) wonder why no matter how we try to explain to Hausa Fulani and Yoruba that we are not Igbos they still call us Iyamiri or Omoibo but when it comes to politics they easily separate us along geopolitical zones (south south/south east).

The truth is, our enemies are aware we are one and because they know we one people they keep hitting hard on dividing us because the day we assemble in one voice then we will swallow them.

When they want to hit on us all, they single out the Igbo man and strike while we help them in it or we keep quiet thinking its none of our business. My brother, don't be deceived it is your business!




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The only reason Igbo suffer the most is that among all tribes in Biafra, they constitute the largest in number and their number is what Hausa and Yoruba fear not their faces. They use us to weaken Igbo number just as they used us to win their war against us (Biafra).

They will pick some from among us to fight hard on the strong to break his wings (GEJ and Amaechi a case study).

The formula has always been the same. The day we open our eyes and stand as one to confront our enemies, that's the day we become free.

I am not asking you to love the Igbo, I am asking you to love yourself.

Niger Delta Rejection of Igbo is suicide in Nigeria.

Egberifa ooo

Tari Nemi



Why Igbos Take The Most Hit For All Biafran Ethnicities

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