Yorubas And Their Deceptive Attitude And Blackmail

Yorubas And Their Deceptive Attitude And Blackmail

By Ogochukwu Nnanna
For family writers.
17 December 2016

In the history of the contraption called Nigeria, Yoruba's remains the most weakest and deceptive people ever amongst the three (3) ethnic groups. They are the kind of species that will always like to lure you into doing something together but when the consequence erupts, they find one way or the other to escape while you are left behind to fall a victim. They are as cunny as the tortoise yet they have no single strength when it comes to physical action.

Yoruba's are also known as fabricators when it comes in the area of media and publication. Brown envelope Media in Nigeria are mostly Yoruba's. Give some bribe to most Yoruba Media personnel and he/she would publish anything you demand. They don't do research before they publish their garbage, and for the fact they are always being paid to castigate or to make someone an object of caricature, they go straight ahead write and publish whatever nonsense that comes from their  mind, without proper research or investigation.  No wonder mazi Nnamdi kanu calls their news paper "the Ibadan express way gutter Media." When you go through their newspaper and blogs, you will come to the opinion that Mazi Nnamdi kanu is hundred percent(100%) right by giving them such a name. Some people who said before that what Nnamdi kanu is preaching was a hate speech has now seen the atom of truth in his message. Yoruba's are also weak in nature when it comes to physical combat. If they are being confronted in a physical combat, they have no other choice than to took to their heels . No wonder their lands are being defeated and conquered by the Fulani's. An example is Ilorin, which was originally occupied by the Yoruba's but now taken over by Hausa-Fulani's. And ever since then, they have not been able to fight and claim it back.

After the amalgamation of Nigeria, Yoruba's has not stood up to agitate for their own freedom. They are not doing that because they are amongst those who occupies the major positions in the oil sector and also in the hem of government in Nigeria. And again, another reason is that they are afraid of war and they would rather remain slaves than fight for what's rightfully theirs. Since Biafrans started their agitation for a sovereign state, based on the fact that the amalgamation was over, the Yoruba's have been busy chanting 'one Nigeria'. Their aim  is that their imbecilic brother Osibanjo(Vice President of Nigeria) the house boy of president Muhammad Buhari(A Dictator and Murderer) will take over as the president of Nigeria if Buhari happens to kick a bucket(Die suddenly). This is the plan of Obasanjo and co but is like they are being disappointed been that Buhari seem to be alive, afterall they thought by now Buhari would have followed in the full steps of Ya'radua but they are now full of disappointment. Never the less, it's still in everybody's interest that Buhari finally kicks the bucket.

Most times, you will see some Yoruba's criticising Nnamdi kanu and the agitation of Biafra but I bet them that nobody from Yoruba land can do half of what Nnamdi kanu has done or even sacrifice their lives for their own people like Nnamdi kanu is doing for his fellow Biafrans. When the news came that Nnamdi kanu has been arrested, some of them in their foolishness begin to make merry, in the sense that he Nnamdi kanu will die for nothing. Foolishness of the highest order. I want to tell them that what Nnamdi kanu the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra is doing today is right and divine. He did not come on his own but was sent by God to lead his people out of bondage and slavery from the hellfire called Nigeria. And as far as it was God himself that ordained this mission that he has embarked on, victory must surely be achieved. So I want you cowards to get this into your subconscious mind. And the earlier you people wake up from your slumber to do the needful by agitating for your own freedom the better for you. If not you will end up being slaves to the Hausa-Fulani's till eternity, consider it or you keep on chanting one Nigeria nonsense until you are completely conquered. It's time you Yoruba's understand that Nigeria has expired along with her British amalgamation.

It was on record that the amalgamation will last for a hundred years and after that any group who want to secede can do so. And that is exactly what Nnamdi kanu and Biafrans are doing today and it is also their universal right. Agitation for freedom is also in the United Nations law which is the right of indigenous people. So if you Yoruba's don't know it before, know it today. Stop gossiping or writing junks against Biafrans and their quest for their freedom because what they are doing is legal and so is IPOB which is a Nation which is registered in about 88 countries in the world. The earlier you people come back to your senses and begin to reason like your brothers Fayose and Fani Kayode the better for you. Follow their footsteps and stop gossiping and criticising  or you  will remain in perpetual bondage. When we said that most Yoruba's are cowards, some people tag it hate speech but that's the hard truth. A lot of things has happened which they in their cowardice failed to react even right from time immemorial. The good example of what I'm talking about is the death of their brother Adekunle Francis Fajuyi who was killed by Northern politicians and until today, the Yoruba's has not avenged for his death.

Lastly, I want also to let the Yoruba's know that before the year 1914, there was no country in the world called Nigeria. It was the con artist, Lord Lugard who created the mess called Nigeria. Therefore, for hundred years the three (3) ethnic groups existed within the geopolitical space known today as Nigeria. Therefore Nigeria is a   geographical expression. Yoruba people are ungrateful human beings in the sense that the coup of 1966 which is termed as anti-igbo coup was plotted in order to forestall the Yoruba land from being destroyed by the North as earlier planned. While those who plotted the coup agreed to hand over power to the prominent Yoruba politician Obafemi Awolowo, yet during the Nigeria/ Biafra war, the Yoruba's indirectly supported the Northerners to fight against Biafra. This we will never forget.  We know all your deceits but one thing we are assuring you is that if we suffer hundred years in the hand of Hausa Fulani, your own suffer will be hundred fold, this I assured you.

Edited by Somto Okonkwo for family writers

- The Biafra Herald


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