Igbo Foods

Yam Served With Fish Pepper Soup

Yam Served With Fish Pepper Soup

Yam in Igbo language is called “ji”. Each year, yam is celebrated by Igbo people; the celebration which is known as “iri ji” or “new yam festival”, this is because of its vital importance to Igbo land. It is believed that if a new yam is celebrated, the subsequent year will be productive. Thus, yam is one of the best foods in Igbo land.

Egusi Soup Served With Pounded Yam


Egusi soup served with pounded yam is one of the best meals any Igbo person will be grateful to eat.  Annually, yam is celebrated by Igbo people; the celebration which is known as “iri ji” or “new yam festival”, this is to show the importance of yam to Igbo land. Igbo people have faith that when a new yam is celebrated, the coming year’s yam farming will be favourable.

Moi Moi Served With Eko

 Moi Moi (Moyi Moyi)

Moi moi is one of those foods kids love to eat. Although most kids may not eat black eye beans because of the black spot or black eye, yet moi moi is made from black eye beans’ flour or grounded black eye beans.
I was at this party, I saw this 12 or 13-year old girl feistily crying, tears coming down from her face. I called her and asked her what is wrong with her? She told me that she went to collect her food, in her plate of food, there was no moi moi with it and when I requested for moi moi..


Ofe Owerri Served With Pounded Yam

Ofe Owerri 2 Pounded Yam

There is no joke in popular saying that “You are what you eat.” It just makes good sense that what you put in your body is what reflects in all aspect of your health. A big part of staying healthy and living long life is related to one’s diet. Good and nutritious food makes one look good and prevents many diseases. There are many nutritious foods that are eaten all over the world. Ofe Owerri is one among several nutritious soups that is mostly consumed in the eastern part of Nigeria among the Igbo people.

Jollof Rice with Chicken

Jellof Rice

Jollof rice is one of the foods consumed in Igbo land although jollof rice is very popular nourishment in West Africa but then extending to all over the world due to attentiveness given by big food companies like Uncle Ben, Mc Donalds, Mr Biggs, etc. The beauty of jollof rice is that you can add whatever you want to it during cooking to taste delicious. Even though that jollof rice is very easy to prepare but care should be taken for the taste to come out right. With too much ingredients it may taste funny but with right ingredients it will taste just right.

Nkwobi Served With Chilled Drink

Nkwobi2Glass of Palm Wine

HAVE you ever tasted Nkwobi, a popular appetiser in the eastern part of Nigeria? If you have not, please take this today and you will have many stories to tell about the pleasant taste and the health benefits of this delicacy.

Nkwobi is the Igbo name for spicy goat legs cooked and served in rich chilly gravy. It is a real favourite amongst Nigerians, who as a rule, are known to consume peppery foods, flavoured with chillies and various spices.

Boiled Rice Served With Fish Stew And Grape Juice

Boiled Rice Fish Stew


Chicken Pie Served With Orange Juice

Chicken Pie with Organe Juice


Fried Plantain Served With Pap

Fried plantain

Ofe Akwukwo Served With Plantain Fufu (The Guardian)

Ofe Owerri 2

Snail Salad

Fried Rice & Chicken


Roasted Corn

Ube na Oka

Utara and others

Pounded Yam and Egusi in Germany

Egusi Soup and Pounded Yam