The Biafra
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Dim Ojukwu32

Lt. - Colonel Odumegwu Ojukwu
Head of Republic of Biafra

Biafran Flag
Gowon - the General

Lt. - Colonel Yakubu Gowon
Head of Federal Republic of Nigeria

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The North has been planning for
Nigeria break-up for a long time


How the North Tricked Middle Belt to Fight Igbo

Biafra Genocide and Why We Must Live By Persuasion

Why Biafra and Not a Confederal Nigeria

How fear of Japan diminished Biafra – Nwokedi

Unsuccessful Biafra: Is Nigeria Better Today?

OJUKWU: Before another leader comes

Ironsi’s widow Slams Danjuma - VULTURE WILL EAT YOUR CORPSE!

Benjamin Adekunle: The man who murdered sleep!

I Did Not Dislike Igbos, But I Had A War To Win

We need Biafra of mind, not physical –Ohaneze Youth Leader

Obasanjo's historic visit to Amichi

Obasanjo Blames Biafran War on Nigerian Society

Let’s Avoid the Mistakes that Led to the Civil War

Obasanjo Wants Conflict Centre In Amichi

Nigerian Civil War: Obasanjo Unveils Unity Plague

Biafra, Nigeria, and the Road not taken

After Biafra, the new agenda

Civil war: Akwa Ibom demands compensation

It's Time to Put Civil War Experience Behind Us

Igbo won’t apologise over civil war, says Okorafor

Ojukwu Defends Nigerian Civil War

We Fought to Make Nigeria Better, Says Ojukwu

Ajaegbu condemns Kalu on apology

Kalu Didn’t Apologise Over Biafra, Says Terry Waya

Apology Over Civil War: Terry Waya Defends Orji Kalu

President Obasanjo and Biafra Fixation

Calls for Biafra Unnecessary

May 30, Biafra Independence Day

MASSOB to Continue Struggle for Biafra

NONI Remembers the Dead Igbo of the Nigeria- Biafra War


Tony Monye - Civil War Book

Why I write on the civil war, by Monye
Although it happened 41 years ago, the horrendous civil war that rocked the nation for 30 months six years after independence has continued to generate intense literary interest

Roses and Bullets

Roses and Bullets…
A love torn to shred by war

ROSES and Bullets is the story told from the eyes of a young Igbo schoolgirl, who is caught in the grip of war like all others in the region, while nursing boundless ambition for the future.

The Principles of the Biafran Revolution known as The Ahiara Declaration

Biafra Flag 3

I salute you. Today, as I look back over our two years as a sovereign and independent nation, I am overwhelmed with the feeling of pride and satisfaction in our performance and achievement as a people. Our indomitable will, our courage, our endurance of the severest privations, our resourcefulness and inventiveness in the face of tremendous odds and dangers, have become proverbial in a world so bereft of heroism, and have become a source of frustration to Nigeria and her foreign masters...

Ahiara Declaration
2015 & The Struggle For Igbo Emancipation

Bafra National Anthem
Singing the Biafra National Anthem

I am the final Biafran truth - Ojukwu
Chief Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu clocked 70 years recently and Vanguard visited him to congratulate and share with him his happiness on his special day. But Ojukwu is no ordinary Nigerian: He has in nearly 40 years remained an issue in Nigeria’s political debate. As he himself once noted, sometimes statements were prefixed with "Ojukwu has said...

Gowon - the General
My Role in Nigeria-Biafra War
Former military Head of State, Gen. Yakubu Gowon (rtd) has explained why he had to use military force to bring the Nigerian civil war of 1967 to an end.

Major General Johnso Aguiyi Ironsi
Major General Aguiyi Ironsi

Tape Recording of Aburi Meeting on Averting Nigeria Biafra War

Tape Recording

General Ankrah (Ghana): I will not like to dwell rigidly on any point whatsoever because I feel this is a domestic affair of Nigeria and, as I have always said, it is not difficult for military people to understand each other. It is a saying that if Generals were to meet and discuss frontiers, wars or even go into the details to forestall war, there will never be any differences or discrepancies but unity and understanding.

Dim Ojukwu33
Lt. Colonel Odumegwu Ojukwu's Press Conference On Aburi Meeting

Benjamin Adekunle -

General Benjamin Adekunle1

The Man Who Murdered Sleep
In this section of the front that I rule-- and that is the whole South front from Lagos to the border of Cameroon? I do not want to see the Red Cross, Caritas Aid, World Church delegation, Pope, Missionary, or UN Delegation. I want to prevent even one Ibo (Igbo) having one piece of food to eat before their capitulation?

Biafra in Retrospect (I): Still Counting the Losses

Biafra in Retrospect (II): Still Counting the Losses

Biafra in Retrospect (III):
When Mediators Became Obstacle to Peace

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Biafran refugees 5 Aug 1968 (AP)









Biafran Civilians Bombed with Chemical Bomb
by a Nigerian Jet Bomber

Biafra Bomb Victims (Ukpaka Reports)









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