Niger Delta Avengers Blow Up NNPC Gas
JUST IN!!! Niger Delta Avengers Bomb another NNPC Pipeline In Akwa Ibom
Niger Delta militants wipes out Buhari’s ’91 Saudi Arabia’s Blackwater militants’
A few days ago, about 91 Saudi Arabia’s Blackwater military contractors, beckoned on by Mr. Buhari, to help the Nigerian Army fight the Niger Delta militants were wiped out by the militia groups from the Niger Delta with 15 others taken as hostages.
Again, Niger Delta Avengers Blow Up NNPC Gas Pipeline In Akwa Ibom
Niger Delta Avengers Bomb Another NNPC
The Niger Delta Avengers militant group responsible for vandalisation of oil installations in the Niger Delta region and more recently, an attack on a pipeline in Ogun state have struck again.
Rochas and His Islamic Cohorts Floods Imo State with Assorted Ammunitions
Okorocha with his islamic coalition
This revelation is poised at enjoining all people in Biafra land especially those in Imo State to be on a high alert as Rochas Okorocha and his Islamic allies begins full implementation of their Islamic agenda.
I and Other Nigerians Made A “Bastardly” Decision Electing Buhari - Danfulani
Buhari weeping2
A university don and staunch supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari , Dr. John Danfulani, has confessed that electing the president was one decision he will regret “till Jesus Christ comes,” describing it as a “bastardly” decision.
Suspected Niger Delta Militants Blow Up NNPC Pipelines In Fresh Attack In Warri
Bombing Warri Pipelines
Two blasts were heard on the Pipelines and Product Marketing Company (PPMC) line late on Sunday night, said Batan community chairman Ogugu Dickson.
Avengers: Our Operative Team Are In High Spirit; We Are Winning The War!!
Contrary to local news that Nigeria Navy has arrested Niger Delta Avengers logistics supplier is the biggest joker of the 21st century. As it now any Tom, Dick and Harry is a suspect of Niger Delta avengers. Nigeria Navy has lost the sense of professionalism
KAGOTE: A Fraud and Misrepresentation of Ogoniland
The Ogoni people are peace-loving and have committed themselves to non-violence. The mandate to speak for and advocate their collective interests which are summed up in the Ogoni Bill of Rights have been delivered to The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP).
Niger Delta Avengers Blow Up ExxonMobil Crude Oil Export Pipeline, Says 'No Export' Order Stands
Niger Delta Avengers Blow Up ExxonMobil
The Niger Delta Avengers at about 7:30pm yesterday blew up Qua Iboe 48" crude oil export pipeline belonging to ExxonMobil. The group wondered when the international community would start to pay heed to their rule of no export. Read their statement below
Islamising Nigeria and the Blood Of Christians Spilled
Mrs. Eunice Elisha Olawale killed
The journey of a thousand miles always begin with a step but here, the genesis was right from the very day the widget called Nigeria was created. The plan to islamise Nigeria is not a strange issue to everyone and anyone who knows history very well. As it is right now, the journey to the Islamic republic of Nigeria is 90% loaded. If you doubt it, present your reasonable facts. Many acts, atrocities and evils justify this fact.
Incessant Abduction And Murder Of Biafran Activists By Nigerian Military
Incessant Abduction And Murder
The fact that human rights abuse has gone from bad to worse in Nigeria ever since the former military dictator, Muhammadu Buhari became President is no longer a hidden feature. Nigerian security agencies now clamp down on innocent civilians, especially Biafrans with impunity just in their bid to please Buhari.
Buhari The King Pharaoh Of Nigeria
Buhari The King Pharaoh Of Nigeria
One may be wondering, why did God harden Buhari's heart in the cause of Biafra restorations? The answer to the above question lies in the book of exodus “but I will harden pharaoh's heart, and though I multiply my miraculous signs and wonders in Egypt he will not listen to you. Then I will lay my hand on Egypt and with mighty acts of judgment I will bring out my people.
Journalist Suspended Over Aisha Buhari/Halliburton Scandal Following Deadly Threats From Above
Aisha Muhammadu Buhari 1
Premium Times has slammed a three-week suspension on Samuel Ogundipe, a journalist who wrote a story linking Aisha Buhari, wife of Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari to the Williams Jefferson scandal
Buhari paid $258m to Saudi Mercenaries to kill us – Avengers
Saudi Mercenaries
The Niger Delta Avengers agitator group has disclosed that it is unperturbed by the news circulating that the President, Muhammadu Buhari has paid the sum of $258 million to hire mercenaries from Saudi in tackling them.
Well, the British has got the stinking mouth to talk, they are finished already, and very soon Scotland will pull out. Muhammad will become their new Prime Minister and the Sharia law takes over English law. Then they will get the taste of what they wished for Biafrans.
Let Biafra Go, Donald Trump Sends Strong Message to Buhari
Donald Trump the Republican front-runner in the United States forthcoming election has issued a Statement Regarding British Referendum on E.U. Membership, this was done through interviews and publications available on Facebook and Twitter. He clearly stated that the right to self determination is a very secret right express by all free people to declare their independence from where they already are. According to him
Tension: New Deadly Millitant Group 'Revolutional Alliance' Calls For The Release Of Nnamdi Kanu
New Deadly Millitant Group
It has been brought to the desk of Family Writers that a new dreaded and deadly Militant group known as Revolutional Alliance have emerged. The group has threatened to wreck more havoc to Oil installations, go after Southern Politicians and Niger-Delta Oil Block owners,if their conditions are  not met.
I stand by His Excellency, Governor Ayo Fayose!
Gov Ayo Fayose
If there will be only one person standing with you on Facebook and possibly outside it; that person will be me!!
Dr Arthur Exposes Buhari, Says He Lied Against Biafra Agitators
Biafrans Demonstrate1
Just recently (on the 23/6/2016 to be precise) Buhari lied again against the peace lovely people of the South.
According to him, his grouse with Biafran agitators is that these agitators were not born during the Nigeria-Biafra civil war. This is a lie and arrant nonsense.
Aisha Buhari Cancels Planned Visit to US –Over Fear of Being Arrested
Aisha Buhari cancels
The Wife of the President, Aisha Buhari has cancelled her scheduled trip to the United States of America for the World First Ladies Conference holding at Colorado over fear of being arrested over her part in Halliburton bribery scandal. Why is she afraid if she is innocent?  She should just go over there and clear her name.
Flashback: How Nigeria Government Slaughtered Biafrans After Granting Nnamdi Kanu Bail
Slaughtered Biafrans
The jubilations erupted at mid-day, thousand of IPOB  poured into Onitsha streets in the early  hours of Thursday (18/12/2015) afternoon holding enormous flags, singing, dancing and leaping on the back of cars "FREEDOM !" they screamed in jovial hullabaloo.
United Nations Charter: Biafrans Right To Freedom Is The Law: Enact On What You Preach!
UN Logo
The United Nations was historically formed on January 1, 1942, with representatives of 26 nations at war with the Axis powers who met in Washington to sign the Declaration of the United Nations endorsing the Atlantic Charter, pledging to use their full resources against the Axis and agreeing not to make a separate peace.

Biafra Protests
Protests across the South East and South South for Biafran Referendum and to release Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and director of Radio Biafra who was arrested for speaking his mind on the radio although they called his speeches hate speeches, however there is no evidence suggesting that.
We campaign for Biafra restoration, not secession – IPOB
Biafra Agitators
The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has said an erroneous impression is being created that its campaign is for the secession of Biafra from Nigeria, pointing that it is actually agitating for “restoration of Biafra.”
Tension as Avengers Announces Its Readiness for Drones Purchased By FG from US
The Niger Delta Avengers has revealed that the federal government amidst the reported peace talk with agitators in the Niger Delta is striking a deal with the United States on purchase of drones to combat the freedom fighters.
POEM: The Street of Tears and Hope
School in Niger Delta
Tears of Biafran kids in Niger Delta
In their land blessed with milk and honey,
They still bath in sufferings, they drink with cups of pains and live in an atmosphere painted with tears by the black Ambassadors of poverty and slavery.
Osita Ebiem: BREXIT as the Europe fight against radical Islam
BREXIT. The Igbo believe that there is a standard rule of play which dogs observe when two of them are at play: When one dog falls on its back the other dog knows without any other prompting that the next time is his turn to fall too. In this way, the play does not turn into a fight and will last longer. The lesson here is that when I fall for you and you in turn fall for me, the world goes around and becomes a more peaceful place where we all work, play and prosper in the spirit of give and take.
Ohaneze Youths: The Political and Blind Landlords
Ohanaeze Moneybag
It’s quit obvious that some political and selfish individuals whose only motive is to sellout and betray the people and the unborn generations are dashing out from every angle and in different factions, ranting and vomiting rubbish in other to maintain and satisfy their selfish interests against that of the masses.
Plot To Jail Nnamdi Kanu: How Long Will Buhari Withhold Nnamdi Kanu?
Plot To Jail Nnamdi Kanu
Nnamdi Kanu is still in detention, I keep wondering what's really going on in Nigeria. Seriously, this no longer funny or pleasant, how can a country that calls its self a democratic Nation allow a military manic to transform its whole process into a dictatorship?
What We Hope To Achieve With Biafra
Biafrans 2
I get this question almost all the time, why Biafra? What do you hope to achieve? Why the agitation? What's next when Biafra is achieved? Who will be the leaders of this New nation? Etc.
A Reply To 'Efulefu' Chukwuemerie --- Nnamdi Kanu's IPOB Is An Immortal Blessing To Biafra
Chukwuemerie Uduchukwu
Had it not been for numerous Biafrans who had requested that Family Writers speak out against the propagandish outburst of another modern day Anambra 'Efulefu', Chukwuemerie Uduchukwu, I had decided not to reply his baseless and myopic bunch of insult
South East, South South Houses Of Assembly Say 'NO' To Grazing Bill
Cows Grazing
The legislators of the South East and South South House of Assemblies have rejected the controversial Grazing Bill presently before the Senate, saying that the bill should not be considered in any of the House Assemblies in the two regions.
Why I’m pro-Biafra – Soyinka
Professor Wole Soyinka
Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, has, again, explained his support for Biafran agitators.
Again, Avengers Bombs Chevron Manifold; Sends Eid Message to Buhari
Avenger Roccked Oil Unit
Between the hours of 10:50pm to 11:10pm our (Niger Delta Avengers) strike team blew up Chevron Manifolds. the manifolds are RMP 22, 23 and 24.
Happy Eid Mubarak to our Muslim Brothers.
Biafra: IPOB Press Release - Muhammadu Buhari Has Resorted To Kidnappings, Abductions, and Silent Murder of Biafrans
Buhari and Dr. Chukwuemeka Iroanya
Retired Major General Muhammadu Buhari has now resorted to kidnappings, abductions, and silent murder of Biafrans as a response to the United Nations-backed quest for self-determination being undertaken in a peaceful/non-violent manner by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
Biafra Genocide Recognized Listed Alongside Jewish Holocaust, BANGLADESH etc
The Genocide in Biafra
A renowned  genocide record filing website COMBAT GENOCIDE ASSOCIATION recently recognize the Biafran Genocide and listed it among other recognized genocides in the world’s history till date. The only thing missing is who has been prosecuted for this genocide?
Buhari is out to kill , Biafran youths should prepare for war – Ezeife
Chukwuemeka Ezeife, the former governor of Anambra state, has called on Biafran youths to get prepared for the worst as Buhari is unrepentant and has refused to listen to their calls to release their son Nnamdi Kanu. He spoke to Ifeanyi Chijioke and Chima Onyekachi at Nike Lake Hotel Enugu.
BIAFREXIT---The Last Miracle Is About To Happen
Only those who are spiritually blind cannot see that the Hand of God is on Biafra restoration. Only the deaf cannot hear the waves as the Land that flows with milk and honey approaches redemption, never to be subdued again. The Land of the rising sun is rising again. We were never defeated because God's children can never be defeated. We are a chosen race and a special breed.
Grazing Bill : Hon. Uju Onwudiwe Speaks To Family Writers On Her Sponsored Controversial ‘Farm Estate Bill’
Uju Onwudiwe with Family Writers
In the wake of the controversies surrounding the bill to “Establish Agricultural Estates and Farm Settlement in Imo State” which has been tagged “Grazing Bill” by most media outfits. Family Writers of Ifeanyi Chijioke, Chima Onyekachi and our investigator Chukwuemeka Nduka had an investigative interview with the sponsor of the bill, Hon. (Mrs) UjuOnwudiwe, the member representing Njaba state-constituency in the Imo State House of Assembly to explain the true nature, facts and essence of the bill.
Open Letter To EU and ECOWAS On Buhari’s Visit
It is commendable that finally a move in the right direction is being made, I will love to use this opportunity to bring to your knowledge facts and reasons that will propel your visit.  I have no option because Biafrans have made up their mind
Biafra: IPOB Press Release - Another Bungled Attempt By Muhammadu Buhari And His DSS
To Criminalize Biafrans
Dr. Chukwuemeka Iroanya
Retired Major General Muhammadu Buhari and his Department of State Services (DSS) have once again failed woefully in their spurious attempt at criminalizing Biafrans and branding the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) a terrorist organization.
Biafra Referendum Is A Right Not A Privilege
Biafra Referendum
I woke up on a Friday morning to the news of Britain has broken out of European Union (EU) in a referendum called by resigning Prime Minister David Cameron. I was not really intrigued with the news but most of my colleagues of Family Writers were excited, little on the victory of the Britons and mostly on the resignation of the hypocritical David Cameron.
The new deadly militant group, the Asawana Deadly Force of Niger Delta, ADFND, which on Thursday claimed to have taking over from the Niger Delta Avengers, NDA, yesterday slated coming Saturday July 2nd, 2016,as the day it will bomb Bonga Field, Onitsha -Asaba bridge, Third Mainland bridge, and other major bridges across the southern of the country.
UK Exit and Cameron’s Resignation Will Cost Nigeria
British Prime Minister, David Cameron
The vote has been counted and UK will finally leave EU, a development that is politically dangerous. The UK prime minister has been vigorously backing “remain” and has pleaded UK to remain as leaving would not only destabilize them but affect a lot of things contrary to the joy of independence the common British people seek.



Buhari Gives 'Hard' Condition For Release of Nnamdi Kanu, Others
Buhari and Biafra
In a statement issued today, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) claimed that a team negotiating on behalf of the Federal Government for a return of peace to the oil-rich delta had agreed to release several detained or imprisoned militants, including Nnamdi Kanu, leader of
BREAKING: Suspected Militants Blow Up Another Shell Pipeline In Delta
Blow Up Another Shell Pipeline
Oriental Times gathered that suspected unknown militants have blown up a major crude Oil Exporting facility, Trans Ramos trunk line close to Odimodi Community in Iduwini Kingdom, Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State last night.
Oil War: Buhari Moves To Surpass Obasanjo's War Crimes In The Niger Delta
Niger Delta Women
If there is anything more important to the Nigerian government more than the lives of Nigerians- it is the oil in Biafra land. If there is any reason why Nigeria killed over 3million Biafrans during the war that is compared to
We Are Taking Our Independence By Force
Blown up crude oil2
The dreaded militant group, Niger Delta Avengers, have once again blown up crude oil trunkline belonging to the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria in Batan, Warri South-West Local Government Area of Delta State.
‘There’s A Grand Conspiracy to Wipe out Christians in Nigeria’ – CAN Leader
Dead Christians
A heavy security presence from the police is a reminder of the attacks by Boko Haram on Christian worshippers in Kano, Nigeria on March 31, 2013. | Ed Kashi
The Silence of U.N May Provoke Another Biafra/Nigeria Civil War
Biafrans 1
United Nation is the mastermind of the continuous genocide on Biafraland. After conducting my research extensively on the continuous genocide on Biafrans, it was discovered that since the quest for Biafra restoration United Nations leadership have never raised the issues of the killings of Biafrans by Nigeria Government into debate.
Just Like In Yemen, Humanitarian Missions To Biafra Lamented of War Crimes but United Nations Did Nothing
Biafra small flags
Throughout the abominable three years Biafran war, the Nigerian federal government blockaded Biafra, by land and sea, from the rest of the world. Not even humanitarian missions were allowed into the Biafran territory. Over two million Biafrans died of starvation alone as a result of the blockade.
Biafra: Freedom Fighters and the Demand
The continuous and rapid growth of the Biafra struggle is something known by every living creature in the world. The emergence and rise of some groups like the ND Avengers and other freedom warriors who are also fighting for same cause is also not a new story to anyone that have ears.
Niger Delta Avengers dem
Niger Delta Avengers has severely warned ExxonMobil Oil Company not to carry out repair works on the 48" Que Iboe crude oil export pipeline blown up by their professional strike team or risk losing the life of their workers in the process.
The Hypocrisy of The Nigerian Government On Niger Delta
Niger Delta Region
Since the oil exploration started by Shell BP which was the first multinational company to start full scale Commercial production 58 years ago, the proceeds from this black gold has turned the fortunes of the Nigeria economy that joined the top oil producing countries of the world
Biafra Self Determination Question and The Self Denial Of Nigerian Intelligentsia
Biafra Self Determination
The sanity of any contemporary society is predominantly the product of the efficiency of 'intellectualism', which in turn is subject to the influence of the 'intelligentsia' prevalent in such a given entity.
A Biafra Journalist Escapes Death| Kidnapped And Brutalized By Agents Of Buhari
Biafra Man
Ifeanyi Chijioke can authoritatively confirm that CHIMA ONYEKACHI a pro-Biafra journalist was kidnapped on Friday, 8th of July at Obigbo area in Portharcourt and was severely brutalized by the time he escaped from the kidnappers. He has not been hospitalized as at the time of filing this report because his abductors are not yet known
Avengers Blow Up 3 Major AGIP Pipelines, Warn Of Fake Facebook Accounts
Avenger Blow-up
The Trent reported exclusively Friday morning that Niger Delta militants had blown up three major pipelines belonging to AGIP, an oil giant, in Bayelsa State. According to a local source, who spoke with our reporter, the attacks were “well co-ordinated” and appear to be the work of the Niger Delta Avengers.
Buhari Certificate Forgery:
It is now classmate forgery
Buhari Fake Classmates1
Instead of Buhari presenting his school certificate as require by law, Buhari is going round the bush to evade providing his school certificate. And he has gone one further to deceive Nigerians by hiring local people of his own age, calling them his classmate of 1953, just to prove that he indeed went to school in 1953.
Biafra: Where is the International Community?
Biafrans and Others Protesting
A new generation of Biafrans is now peacefully advocating for an independent Biafra. Muhammadu Buhari, the Muslim president of Nigeria, is fighting the nascent independence movement with military force.
BIAFRA: Militant tells IPOB, Peace Wont Work In This Corrupt, Wicked Islamic Nation Ruled by an illiterate old fool
Serious indication emerge that Nigeria may be heading into another civil war. A new group Known as the Isoko Liberation Movement Issued The threat Wednesday Evening.
UN,EU,AU, And Buhari :Let Biafra Go Now, Nigeria Has Defiled All Principles Of Survival
The truth is always transparent and cannot be covered in any way, this is true in America, Europe, Britain, and Asia. It is only in Africa and Nigeria in particular that the opposite is true and truth becomes translucent. It is translucent because people will see that it is white and the Government will maintain it is black, the whole world will see that it is white and the world leaders will say it is black.
The Tyrant chopped off my hand: 35yrs on the Dictator chopped off my job
Nathan Nnaji Achonu
Immediately, after the Biafra civil war, Nigerian Soldiers occupied the Igboland. One of the places under siege was the current Imo state capital, Owerri. Buhari was appointed the commander of the 82 bridge by Gowon who was then the head of state. His mission was to slaughter young men between the age of 12-24.
Press Statement By Sen. Ekweremadu Nigerian Deputy Senate President
Sen. Ike Ekweremadu
I presented myself to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) High Court today as an ordinary citizen of this great nation to plead NOT GUILTY to charges I did not and could not have committed.
Tension as British Conservative MP queries his Government on Biafra
Charles Walker MP
A Conservative MP, Charles Walker, who represents Broxbourne in Hertfordshire, England, has fired a series of questions about Biafra and human rights in Nigeria at the UK government.
BREXIT: Buhari Displays Colossal Hypocrisy And Idiocy Again: Hails David Cameron And Eu For Allowing Referendum
David Cameron And Buhari
The ancient people who toiled the earth long before the modern man made so many earth-moving moral discoveries that not only kept them strong and agile but prolonged their days far more than that of the modern man. One of those earth-moving moral discoveries is the inalienable fact that 'Truth Is Life'.
Brexit, Biafra and the ‘Referendum’
But I am also not an idiot, strictly speaking. The Nigerian union is clearly not a bed of roses. There is intense political competition among the big ethnic groupings, and the Igbo have for nearly 50 years expressed a desire to get out of the union, to be on their own. They feel marginalised.
New Militant Group Blow Up Shell Oil Trunk Line In Ohaji Egbema, Imo
New Militant Group Blow Up Shell Oil
The New Militant group REVOLUTION ALLIANCE has on 26th of June 2016, announced through their spokesperson GEN. KIMOMA (A.K.A) BIG HEART on their twitter handle @RevolutionalA, that the Strike Team A at 1am, blew up Shell Oil Trunk Line at ASA Awara Ohaji Egbema Imo State.
Buhari’s hidden agenda for non-Muslims – Man who converts to Christianity reveals
Buhariís hidden agenda for non-Muslims
Ishaku Abdul’rahman Mohammed, a man who converted to Christianity, writes open letter to Christians. The author calls them “senseless” and advises not to be lured with to change their religion. In the first letter the author narrates about the ways of Islamisation agenda in Nigeria.
Buhari Involvement In Turkey Coup: Turkey Demands Closure Of 17 Turkish Schools In Nigeria
Buhari Involvement In Turkey Coup
Ripples of July 15 botched coup in Turkey have berthed in Nigeria with the Turkish Ambassador to Nigeria, Hakan Cakil, urging the Federal Government to shut  17 Turkish schools in Nigeria.
Another Round of Genocide in Lagos communities as Soldiers throws bombs at innocent civilians
Nigeria Army search
Nigeria government has again carried out another phase of genocide as they bombarded Lagos communities in their search for the Niger Delta Avengers.
Buhari Is Deceiving the World, We Have No Peace Talks With Him-- Niger Delta Avengers
Niger Delta Avengers has once again rubbished the claims by the Nigerian government that there is an ongoing negotiation between the federal government and the activists.
The True Mission of Saudi Black-Water Mercenaries
Islamic agenda
A lot of people, have not gotten the insight behind the deployment agenda and mission of the Saudi BlackWater Mercenaries to Biafra Land
Quite operation now  NUPENG, PENGASSAN and foreign oil companies ordered by AVENGERS
Avengers 3
Niger Delta Avengers has  debunked the claims of Nigeria military that they arrested their logistics supplier. The Niger Delta Avengers described the claims as the biggest joke of the 21st century.
What Has Buhari And His Nigeria Gained From Incarcerating Nnamdi Kanu?
Nnamdi Kanu's Portrayal
Our people always say that when a snail is roasting itself in a raging fire, it thinks that it is quenching the fire. President Muhammadu Buhari and his Nigerian government has chosen to be the snail. To Buhari, "that one called Nnamdi Kanu came into the country with sophisticated broadcasting equipments", "Nnamdi Kanu was not born during the civil"
ExxonMobil After Denying Avengers' Attack Declares Force Majeure On Nigeria's Qua Iboe Crude Oil Export
ExxonMobil After Attack
Following the recent attack on ExxonMobil’s Qua Iboe 48″ crude oil facility announced by the Niger Delta Avengers separatist group, ExxonMobil has declared force majeure on exports of Nigeria’s Qua Iboe crude oil.
No Export Order: ND Avengers Enraged By IOC Disobedience, Blows Up Exxonmobile Pipeline
ND Avengers
The popular Niger Delta Activist group known as Niger Delta Avengers has claimed responsibility for blowing up a 48" crude oil export pipeline belonging to ExxonMobile Oil Company.
Niger Delta Militants Take Battle To South West, Blow Up Gas Pipeline In Ogun
Blowing Up Gas Pipeline
Suspected Niger Delta militants have blown up a gas pipeline in PZ Estate in the Ogijo area of Ogun State, Channels TV reports.
The Arrogance of The North Is Based On 'Terrorism'
PBoko Haram making speech
After reading through an article written by Chief Obafemi Awolowo titled "DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR",where he insisted that "THE ARROGANCE OF THE NORTHERN NIGERIA IS BASELESS", I had to make further research and in conclusion decided to state that, their arrogance have a base which is TERRORISM and in turn terrorism is tantamount to Islam.
Nigeria Has Damaged Image before the World: Will Get Response in Due Time
Biafra cannot be bought
I chose this topic to help some people and to bring to their knowledge the reality on ground, as Black Africans; we so much cherish living in fools’ world.
Just In! The Avengers Blow Up 4 Pipelines In Bayelsa And Rivers State: There Is No Going Back!
blow up
Report reaching Biafra writers desk once again has it that the Avengers blew up four pipelines in Bayelsa and Delta state yesterday the 8th of July, 2016.
Islamization Agenda: Biafrans Vow To Destroy Buhari’s Saudi Forces And Feed Their Flesh To Fishes
Saudi Mercenaries
Two things happened few days ago, which many Biafrans believed have to do with the next phase of Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari’s Islamization agenda of Southern Nigeria. The first thing was a declaration by Buhari that Nigerian unity was not negotiable. The second was Buhari’s invitation of Saudi Arabian soldiers as Blackwater Mercenaries.
Buhari Certificate Forgery: We Have no Record on Buhari – WAEC
Buhari travels
West African Examinations Council (WASE) came on board which has the archives of WASC in Ghana. Its head office is also in Ghana which claimed they have no record of Mohamed Buhari entering or sitting for the examinations let alone passing them.
Niger Delta Avengers Are Giants, Nigerian Army Cannot Fight Them -Soldier Confesses
A soldier who claimed that he was among 52 kidnapped by the Niger Delta Avengers earlier this year have said that the Avengers militants he came face to face with are nothing like any humans he has ever met in actual life.
Buhari Certificate Forgery: Lawyer Withdraws Suit Seeking Buhari’s Disqualification for Lack of Certificate Says His Life is Threatened
Buhari and Nwokocha-Ahaaiwe
A legal practitioner, Mr. Nnamdi Nwokocha-Ahaaiwe, has filed a notice at the Federal High Court in Abuja to discontinue the suit he instituted seeking the disqualification of President Muhammadu Buhari for lack of certificate.
EFCC Boss Rents Abuja Mansion for N40m, Furnished with N43m
Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mr. Ibrahim Magu, has rented a mansion in the elitist Maitama District of the Federal capital territory (FTC) Abuja, News Express can report this morning.
You’re Incompetent, Northern Leaders Tell Buhari, Call For His Resignation
Northern Leaders
In a shocking twist of events, Northern Leaders have called for the immediate resignation of President Muhammadu Buhari, for making a deliberate attempt to dialogue with the Niger Delta Avengers, while clamping down on Boko Haram terrorists.
Killing In Lagos And Ogun: Buhari’s Plot To Tag Avengers Terrorists--- Investigation
After a complex and extensive investigation independently carried out by Ifeanyi Chijioke of Family Writers, it is clear that the killing in Ogun and a community in Lagos state was staged by Buhari’s government to destroy the image of Avengers and label them terrorist groups.
Kano Youths: Killers of Bridget Agbahime to Spend Only 3 Weeks in Jail
Killers of Bridget Agbahime
Five arrested men suspected to have killed a Christian woman, Bridget Agbahime, for allegedly blaspheming prophet Mohammed in Kano are to spend the three weeks in prison.
Biafra Avengers: Beware Of Carrots On Scorpion Infested Sticks
IN the light of history, the director of the most listened radio station and leader of the most peaceful people on earth, the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi kanu was kidnapped by secret murderous agents of MUMUMMADU BUHARI on October 14th 2015.


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Igbo man wins best British film award
Chiwetel Ejiofor winner
A NIGERIAN British-born actor Chiwetel Ejiofor has won the 2013 ``Best Actor’’ at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), for his role as Solomon Northup in the movie "12 Years a Slave".
Northern and Southern Divide
Prof. Ben Nwabueze
IT is a commonplace fact that Nigeria is beset by many problems; one such problem, not always readily appreciated, is the Divide between the northern and southern parts of the country. 
Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe: The Only Nation Builder Nigeria Ever Had
Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe

When Professor Pat Utomi in an article titled “nation building: how we missed the plot,” decried the absence of nation building in Nigeria. 

Dr. Azikiwe and Dr.Okpara Combined Achievements in Eastern Region and Nigeria
    Dr. Azikiwe and Dr.Okpara
With NO OIL revenue but only  limited resources from palm oil, coal and limstone For 12 years Dr. Azikiwe and Dr, Okpara transformed all areas of Eastern Nigeria..

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