NNAMDI KANU (In Serious Pains)
Alarm!!!: Atrocious Conspiracy to Kill Nnamdi Kanu by British and Nigeria Governments
APC Votes N20M to Mobilze Biafran Students to Protest Against Biafran Agitation in Calabar
Biafra is my home
In the wake of wide spread protest against the continued detention of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra [IPOB] and director of Radio Biafra London, Nnamdi Kanu,
Release Nnamdi Kanu , Sultan Tells Buhari
The Federal Government has arraigned the Director of Radio Biafra, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, before an Abuja Magistrate’s Court over terrorism- related charges.
IPOB Petitions UN; Demands Referendum For Biafra’s Independence by CNN
British-Nigeria is a rogue terrorist state that has perfected the acts of genocide, human rights abuses, and crimes against humanity.
IPOB Owerri
Should Biafra Become A Reality: The Financiers Of Brown-envelop Journalists Never Fulfilled Their Promises
Biafra and a continued peace litany
Kenneth Rot2
Executive director of human right watch Kenneth Rot in one of his twitter messages to Biafran
We are all Biafrans, insist youth leaders of South South region
South South Biafra agitators
Youth leaders of the South South region under the aegis of the COALITION OF SOUTH SOUTH YOUTH LEADERS met in Calabar on Friday, 21st November, 2015 and after appraising the situation in the country and the claim by some unauthorized persons who claimed to be South South leaders that the South South is not part of Biafra, hereby state as follows
A Word for the Critics of Pro-Biafra Protests
Biafrans Protest3
It is a common saying that before you blame the hawk for its wickedness (of preying on the chicken), you have to first of all blame the mother hen for exposing her children to danger. Apparently, this adage goes to provide a good analogy that invariably speaks volumes about what obviously is expected of all the cowardly and uncivilised elements who are wont to and, in fact, have been criticising the peaceful protests being staged by the pro-Biafra agitators across the length and breathe of the South-East and South-South geopolitical regions
Why Biafra Must Be Allowed Exit
Biafra Cup
From every indication, it is ascertained that the reason why Nigeria and the British never wanted Biafra to exercise her right to self determination has a fraudulent and a hegemonic undertone.

9 Facts You Should Know About The ‘New Biafra Republic’
Biafran Flags
I have noticed some miscommunication and misperceptions about what the Biafra movement is about. Here are 9 key facts about the NEW BIAFRA that everyone should know.
Blame Nigeria Govt for the Resurgence of Biafra - Colonel Achuzia
Colonel Achuzia
A former Biafran leader and Ikemba of Asaba, Delta State, Chief Joseph Achuzia, has berated former President Olusegun Obasanjo, for describing pro-Biafra agitators as miscreants, saying he is a kettle calling the pot black.
We had kept silent for far too long – Biafra support organisation
Biafra Leader 4
Press Release - Fellow Biafrans, for far too long we had kept silent hoping that our detractors will have a rethink but to no avail.
Return of the Biafran Tide
Biafra Now28
BIAFRA is not an enclave, a bight, a peo≠ple, a tribe, or an institution. It is not quite easy to define which is why it is difficult to control, or push, or hide, to say nothing of killing. It cannot be conquered or defeated or extinguished.
Biafra: A Scare On The Nigerian Conscience
United Nations Flag 2
The modern World and the nations therein have been embracing democracy since the end of World War Two. And, the push by United Nations since 1948 alongside EEC/EU and USA have galvanized and strengthened democracies around the globe.
The Hausa/Fulani Dominance: Analysing The Past, Present, And Future
Northern Emirs
In the weeks, leading up to the just-concluded Nigerian Presidential elections, I recall having breakfast at the Sheraton hotel in Abuja with a very senior Fulani member of the APC.
Follies of Buhari and the coming of Biafra
Buhari BiafranFlag
Since Muhammadu Buhari, the so-called president of Nigeria got rigged into power; he has acted more like the Pharaoh of the book of Exodus in the Bible. Buhari has hardened his heart from one manifestation of the dawning of Biafra to another.
Group cautions British Government
Great Britain Flag 2
It was the same Britain which said it was not going to support Biafra agitators that supported a referendum for Scotland to decide whether they will still remain in the United Kingdom or not
Biafra Charter
Biafra Flag 4
The Charter Constituting the Government of the Federation of Biafra
Biafran Agitation: We Strongly Stand Behind Buhari and the Indivisibility of Nig – UK
Big Ben with Flag Backdrop-s
The Biafra Agitators who had always known the British as the architects of their problem got the answers they had always wanted to show...
Beware of Another Civil war, US report warns Nigeria beams up satellite on illegal northern arms importation
A new security report entitled "Nigerian Unity in the Balance" authored for the United States Army War College has, again, warned Nigerian leaders to beware of another civil war or an outright break-up following what it called ongoing divisive trends in the country.
Obiano and Buhari
A lot of speculations and statements from various individuals have been made as regards to the approval and support of Igbo-Nigeria politicians and Leaders towards the quest for the restoration of Biafra
Why Biafra Scares The Living Daylights Out Of Buhari’s Gov’t
Biafra Badge
Biafrans-in-Enugu-Nnamdi-KanuI don’t know that in the 21st century, people would be forbidden from saying “Biafra”.
Why Is President Buhari Inciting the SE and SS zones?
Buhari and Nnamdi Kalu
It is obvious to all observers that President Muhammadu Buhari want to re-fight the Nigerian/Biafra war. What is not so obvious is why and how such a war will benefit Nigeria.
Corruption Charges
Rotimi Amaechi3
Indications emerged yesterday that the Chairman of the Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Commission (ICPC), Mr. Nta Ekpo, may have ordered a thorough investigation into financial transactions of four former governors.
Biafra Radio2
Corruption Charges
Major al-mustapha (rtd) exposes ex-head of state, lt-gen. Abdulsalami (rtd) on “corruption” charges
Corrupt practices: Igbo leaders’ position on probe of past govts
Prof. Ben Nwabueze 1
IN this write-up, the word “fight” is used instead of “war” to describe the efforts to stop corruption. It is an abuse of language to call the make-belief that has been going on until now by the name war.
Group set to immortalize Dora Akunyili
The late Dora Akunyili
A group Reformers Reality Events Enterprises (Nig) based in Imo State is making moves to immortalize late female icon Prof. Dora Nkem Akunyili with an annual birthday lecture.
Reforming the Unreformable: The Unfinished Business – By Akinola Johnson
Few years ago, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala wrote a book by this same title. I had the good fortune of reading this book few days ago. What resulted from my reading this book was a lightbulb moment which I will now attempt to document with the hope that people like me,
Why wouldn't Biafra Become Independent after all others did get their independence?
Biafra Embassy
The Biafran Truth And The Illegal Trial Of Nnamdi Kanu by Remi Oyeyemi
Nnamdi Kanu2
With trepidation, I have been watching the subtle descent into dictatorship by the administration of Muhammadu Buhari
Biafra: We support the protest, Chris Eluemunoh does not speak for us –Ohanaeze
Biafra Agitation2
We condemn the rascality of Anambra State Chapter of Ohanaeze, Chris Eleumuno, on his recent attacks on MASSOB, IPOB
Former Nigerian Ambassador to U.S.A Obiozor Speaks up on Biafra-Explosive!! will not solve the problem – Obiozor
Igwe Ralph Ekpeh
Biafra will emerge without bombs and without guns – Igwe Ralph Ekpeh
Announcement From The Customary Government Of Indigenous People Of Biafra
Indigenous People of Biafra
Ghost of Biafra will continue to haunt Nigeria
Biafrans Protest6
IF Chief Duro Onabule were an Igbo man, I am sure many people would have accused him of Biaframania. Perhaps, others would have accused him of Igbocentrism because of his profound article: “Britain toys with woes of another Biafra,”
Intersociety goes int’l over Kanu, petitions human rights bodies
Nnamdi Kanu and some international partners
The Return of State Terrorism in Nigeria: Continued Extra Judicial Detention of Citizen Nnamdi Kanu as a Case-Study
MASSOB counters Buhari, sure of UN referendum on Biafra
Biafrans Protest5
Movement for the Actualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), yesterday disagreed with President Muhammadu Buhari over his statement that Nigeria was indivisible, describing it as his ‘personal opinion.’
Was Electing Buhari As Nigeria’s President A Mistake? Washington Times Thinks So
President Muhammadu Buhari2
Muhammadu Buhari has brought out a whooping N20 billion to bribe some Biafrans to speak against Biafra. And yet he claimed that Nigeria is broke.
One Nigeria, One Big Corruption and Looting
One Nigeria Looting1
These people will be the first to tell you that they don’t want any change, they want to remain one Nigeria because they have looted so much, they don’t want it to stop. They feel untouchable under one Nigeria. They want things as it, as they remain owners of Nigeria and no hindrance to their looting.
Nnamdi Kanu has met bail conditions but still detained - his lawyer
The detained Director of  Radio Biafra has met his bail conditions but is still being detained, his lawyer has stated.
Former Anambra Governor speaks about Biafra Resurgence
Chief Chukwuemeka and Chief Ralph Uwechue
The former governor of Anambra State, Chukwuemeka Ezeife, has added his voice to the current developments in Nigeria with the youths of the South East and South and others asking for not only freedom for Nnamdi Kanu but also on Biafra Independence.
‘Only Ijawland is in the Niger Delta and we are Biafrans’ -Asari Dokubo
...Biafra is more Ijaw, Ibibio, and Oron than Igbo
In response to a fellow of Niger Deltan extraction denouncing Biafra and calling for a ‘Niger Delta Republic’, Niger Delta freedom fighter and leader of the NDVF, Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo Asari, had this to say to one Don Robert Omojesus in a Facebook group earlier today

The Wickedness Of British-Nigeria Government Allies Toward The Biafra People
David Cameron and Muhammadu Buhari
Freedom remains the greatest asset any reasonable person will love to secure. It's no doubt, that human society is ever dynamic, as such, man tends to drift towards a planned, progressive and promising end that is fortified, embedded and established on harmonious coexistence of individual
Buhari is instigating south-south and south-East governors against their people
Bhari and Obiano
Where has shame gone, where has constructive actions gone, is Buhari playing with you Nigerians or can Buhari really play on the minds of south-south or south-east governors.
How Buhari should address the Biafran activists issue, by Chekwas Okorie
Chekwas Okorie8
The issue for the agitation for Biafra has to do with agitation for self-determination by people wish to be treated with fairness, equity and justice.

Nigeria has failed and now the breaking up timeFailed1
Political Prisoners and the Call for Biafra
Buhari and Nnamdi Kalu
I am not a Biafran and neither am I igbo. I do however believe that it is the inalienable right of any human being or ethnic nationality to aspire to be free and to be able to determine their own destiny.
Biafra and Nnamdi Kanu: What The Prophets Are Saying….
Biafra Radio2
Did Nostradamus see biafra?The rising and setting of the sun is an unbroken ordinance of God: no one can prevent the sun from running its course
Re: The Igbos and President Buhari’s Government – A Response
Igbo and Buhari
Mr. Olalekan Waheed Adigun, Rev. Al Sharpton is an American Baptist minister, prominent civil rights activist, television/radio talk show host, and former presidential candidate of the Democratic Party
Threat on Ndigbo in Lagos
Igbo Create your Lagos in Igbo Land
THE International Criminal Court (ICC) has commenced investigation on the Oba of Lagos, Rilwan Akiolu, for alleged threat to sink the Igbo residing in Lagos State into the lagoon
Nigeria once again is in the midst of media propagandist era and governance by slogans
Nija Protest in London12
Nigeria has just transitioned into a new political regime on May 29, 2015. (Incidentally, May 29 in history marks the official date when Igbo Genocide in Nigeria began in 1966.)
Biafra Is Not Igbo and Igbo Is Not Biafra
Map of Biafra-s
Many have been misled to believe that the defunct Republic of Biafra was another name for the Igbo ethnic group in Nigeria. This notion is totally untrue. The defunct Republic of Biafra was the name for the entire eastern region of Nigeria as at May 30, 1967, which comprised of 8 provinces namely
Chuka Umunna: The man who wanted to be British Prime Minister
Chuka has since marked the beginning of another era with a great potential to be equally great, perhaps greater, in far away England where he was born and has lived all his life. He is British for those who may want to claim him now that he is warming himself into the hearts of his people.
Post-Jonathan South-east and PDP
President Goodluck Jonathan and Gov Peter Obi
With the outcome of the general election in the South-east, the zone seems to have sent out a clear message that it feels more comfortable remaining in the outgoing ruling party, but how well would the people fare in the unfamiliar terrain of opposition politics? Christopher Isiguzo, in Enugu, reports
Nigerian Army Issues Stern Warning to Biafran Agitators
Lt Gen T Y Buratai2
The Nigerian Army would like to send an unequivocal warning to all and sundry, more specifically to all those threatening and agitating for the dismemberment of the country.
Forced Islamization of Nigeria: Moving the Goal Post
Muslims Praying
This introduction of sharia law upset the agreement on the eve of independence, which confined the application of sharia law to issues of family and personal status law, such as marriage, divorce, child custody, and inheritance.
Ndigbo as Migrants in Nigeria?
Ndigbo as Migrants in Nigeria
Three years ago, I travelled to the United States for the annual convention of Mbaise people living there.
Igbo Delusion [Pt. 1]: How Buhari Destroyed South East Roads
Enugu Onitsha Highway
East Roads are ostensibly the worst in Nigeria now especially Enugu-Onitsha, Enugu-Port Harcourt, Enugu-9th Mile-Nsukka and Owerri-Elele Road all thanks to the activities of Buhari,
Muslims Using Military Vehicles to Smuggle Weapons to Mosques and Islamic Training Schools in South East and South South
Weapons seized from the Boko Haram
Ex Boko Haram Leader, Now Converted To The Christian Faith, Fingers IBB And Others As Sponsors Of Boko Haram.

BIAFRA: Managing A Complex Civil War Backlash
Biafra Now28
DID embattled Biafra self-determination activist of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Director of Radio Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, fly into Nigeria to actualize his declaration that the geographical expression known as Nigeria would cease to exist by September 30, 2015?
Group condemns police brutality
Pro-Biafra Protesters In Port Harcourt
Group condemns police brutality on pro-Biafra protesters
Probing Questions Over The Arrest Of Nnamdi Kanu & Dismissal Of Brig-Gen Ransome Kuti
Biafra, Biafrans, Nigeria and Nigerians: Stop living a lie!
John Okiyi Kalu
Biafran Flag
Biafra: Group Condemns Killing of Onitsha Peaceful Marchers
Corruption Charges
It has emerged that the initial directive to retain its 49 per cent share of dividends was actually given by former President Olusegun Obasanjo when he was in office.
Biafra is my country
Child of Biafra
Stop exclusion of South-East in your govt, Iwuanyanwu tells president
Iwuanyawu (Emmanuel) 2
A group, Igbo Politi≠cal Forum (IPF), has expressed concern over re≠cent appointment made by the APC led Federal gov≠ernment as, it noted that it was skewed against the South-east geo-political zone.
Biafra, slowly gaining identity around the world
Biafra - Returned 15
Yale honours Okonjo-Iweala for fighting corruption, fiscal transparency
Dr Ngozi Okonji-Iweala Honoured
The Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister for the Economy Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has received an honorary Doctorate degree from Yale University one of the United State of America’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning.
Meaning of Igbo in Nigeria’s Geopolitics
Meaning of Igbo in Nigeriaís geopolitics
Depending on where one is standing, in Nigeria, the name Igbo is a compound word that includes many ethnic groups heaped together.



How Would President Buhari react to the new Biafran Movement?
Emeka Ugwuonye
Some people had claimed, rather erroneously, that the Biafran movement was a weapon fashioned against Buhari's government. By this, they implied, probably without fully appreciating it, that just as Boko Haram was viewed initially as a weapon against Jonathan, the Indigenous People of Biafra [IPOB] must be a weapon against Buhari.
Revolt and the other Biafrans
Biafran Market
With a fresh impetus from some Igbo youths, the resurgent clamour for Biafra has taken a contagious character.
Dora Akunyili's daughter wins 2015 Joyce Alexander Wein Prize
Njideka Akunyili
The Studio Museum in Harlem made the announcement on Monday, October 26, revealing that it was bestowing its Wein Prize – a $50,000 award won in the past by esteemed artists like Lorna Simpson, Glenn Ligon and Trenton Doyle Hancock
British Broadcasting Corporation
Not many of us have taken time to understudy the BBC and its activities in the world. The BBC is a British propaganda tool used to destroy countries all over the world
Press Release: Nnamdi Kanu’s Detention Takes a Dangerous New Dimension
Nnamdi Kanuís Detention
Following torrential calls made to us and concerns expressed by millions of Nigerians, the media and foreign nationals and bodies over the ongoing ordeal of detained Citizen Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Radio Biafra (RB) who was given a controversial judicial bail
The ‘new Biafra’ struggle!
Biafra Now27
FOR 29 years after the 30-month Nigeria-Biafra  war that ended in January 1970, after claiming about three million lives, nobody pushed for or agitated for the resurrection of the defunct Biafran Republic.
Arrest of Nnamdi Kanu and Nigeria as a repressive colonial state
Nnamdi Kanu1
Arresting Nnamdi Kanu because of his agitation for self-rule only worsens the problem and underscores Nigeria as a creeping and repressive colonial state. Colonialism as we must know does not necessarily bear a White face as most think
Radio Biafra2
Unanswered Questions Trailing Nnamdi Kanu’s Reported Bail & Continued Detention
LowerNiger Congress
Lower Niger Governors, Politicians and Elite Shocked By Massive Support For Self-Determination
Igbo Eknie Press Release
Igbo Ekunie Initiative
A Press Release On The Arrest And Detention Of Nnamdi Kanu
Calls for Immediate Release
Nnamdi Kanu
Igbo World Assembly Calls for Immediate Release of Nnamdi Kanu

Political Baboons







Focus: Nigerian army’s riot act to nonviolent Biafra agitators
Nigeria Army
Our immediate and prompt attention has been drawn to a statement made by the Nigerian Army yesterday in Abuja, in which it issued a stern warning with vivid reference to millions of Nigerian citizens who are peacefully and nonviolently asserting through nonviolence and peaceful assembly and association, their regional and international rights to self-determination.

Biafra: Southeast Human Rights Coalition Warns Military Chiefs

Military Chiefs
Our immediate and prompt attention has been drawn to a statement made by the Nigerian Army yesterday in Abuja, in which it issued a stern warning with vivid reference to millions of Nigerian citizens who are peacefully and nonviolently asserting through nonviolence and peaceful assembly and association, their regional and international rights to self-determination. Such rights are also constitutionally guaranteed by the 1999 Constitution in the form of rights to personal liberty and peaceful assembly as well as rights to freedom of association and movement and they are contained and enshrined in Sections 35, 40 and 41 of the Fundamental Human Rights Charter of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

Buhari Must Stop Police Killings And Other Atrocities – By Okachikwu Dibia

Killing of Biafran Peaceful Marchers
I read yesterday (Sunday, 8th November 2015) from www.elombah.com that the Nigerian police killed two young Nigerians who were protesting for Biafra in Delta State. It was horrifying to see the pictures of the bullet ridden bodies of the two boys who were wasted by the police.

Police and Army are Now Shooting and Killing Unarmed Innocent Biafran Protesters

Police Shooting at Protesters2

Biafrans Match On

Biafrans Demonstrate6

Nigeria is coming to an end as
Biafrans Protest

Biafrans Demonstrate1a


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African Tales
President Jonathan Kick-Starts Construction of 2nd Niger Bridge
Second Niger Bridge - 17
President Goodluck Jonathan today 
performed the Ground Breaking
Ceremony of the Second Niger Bridge,
at Onitsha, Anambra State.
Jonathan's Letter to Obasanjo
Jonathan and Obasanjo
Atiku Finally Exposes Obasanjo's

Former Vice President Atiku
Abubakar in a forthcoming
 book entitled 'Atiku Media Office:
Late Professor Dora Akunyili laid to rest
Prof. Dora Akunyili remains
‘Decentralisation Of Power, Not Breakup Is The Way Forward For Nigeria’ Obi Of Onitsha
Obi of Onitsha, Igwe Nnaemeka Achebe
The Obi Of Onitsha, His Royal Majesty, Igwe Nnaemeka Alfred Ugochukwu Achebe...
Radio Biafra
Oby Ezekwesili
Obiageli (Oby) Ezekwesili
The Uncomfortable Truth of
Nigeria's Elusive Economic

Obasanjo wants Jonathan to
copy him as a
role model but...
Obasanjo Sleeping
Obasanjo has no shame and morals;
yet he wants to detect to us
Nigerians on who rule our country

It is prejudicial to ask South South
President Goodluck Jonathan to
do one term and get out

President Goodluck Jonathan 4

It is a cry woof asking not to disintegrate Nigeria while those verbalising it are actively engaged in trying to disintegrate it.
FG, Boko Haram and an Australian lunatic
Boko Haram Since 2009
FG, Boko Haram and an Australian lunatic called Dr Stephen Davis
Are Igbos really foolish?
Igbo small

Dr Junaid Mohammed,a member of the House of Representatives in the Second Republic 


Centenary Celebration
Amongst all Things

Igbo man wins best British film award
Chiwetel Ejiofor winner
A NIGERIAN British-born actor Chiwetel Ejiofor has won the 2013 ``Best Actor’’ at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), for his role as Solomon Northup in the movie "12 Years a Slave".
Northern Nigeria Double Standards
on Boko Haram and MEND

North and Boko Haram

The Arewa Consultative Forum fully
supported the military crack down
on Niger Delta militants four years ago
but today, Northern Nigeria has this
to say when President Goodluck Jonathan declared a crackdown on Boko Haram

Dr. Azikiwe and Dr.Okpara Combined Achievements in Eastern Region and Nigeria
    Dr. Azikiwe and Dr.Okpara
With NO OIL revenue but only  limited resources from palm oil, coal and limstone For 12 years Dr. Azikiwe and Dr, Okpara transformed all areas of Eastern Nigeria..
Northern and Southern Divide
Prof. Ben Nwabueze
IT is a commonplace fact that Nigeria is beset by many problems; one such problem, not always readily appreciated, is the Divide between the northern and southern parts of the country. 
Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
Central Bank Governor, Mallam Lamido Sanusi (Punch)

The Man Who Didn’t Realise the Sensitive Nature of His Position as a CBN Governor
Iyabo Obasanjo writes father:
Calls him liar, manipulator, hypocrite

Obasanjo and Iyabo 2
Getting back to my mother, I still
remember your beating her up
continually when we were kids.

The Bitter Truth About the Igbo
Femi Fani-Kayode 2

Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe: The Only Nation Builder Nigeria Ever Had
Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe

When Professor Pat Utomi in an article titled “nation building: how we missed the plot,” decried the absence of nation building in Nigeria. 

Chibok School Girls
Still waiting for sisters to come out
of that Sambisia forest
Boko haram's Incursion into Igboland
486 Boko haram Suspects

With utmost horror the news that 486 Boko Haram suspects were arrested in Abia State by Nigerian soldiers

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President Buhari’s Biafran contradiction-By Chuks Iloegbunam
IPOB member crowd demonstration
Nearly six weeks after it started, President Muhammadu Buhari finally reacted to the agitation for Biafra, which has been sweeping through some cities of the South East and South South geopolitical zones
Asari Dokubo
If Buhari Wants to Be a Pharaoh, He Will Find a Moses In Me – Asari Dokubo
Nnamdi Kanu: British officials will visit detained Biafran leader in Abuja
A Conservative minister has said that British consular officials will visit Nnamdi Kanu Radio Biafra director
Nnamdi kalu
For past one month I have been waiting patiently amidst fear owing to the rumors that Nnamdi Kanu has been extra-judicially murdered.
Agitation For Biafra Gains Momentum As 10 Groups Declare Support
Biafra Agitation1
The Ndigbo United Assembly, NUA, yesterday spoke on the renewed agitation for the realization of Biafra.
Biafra Agitators Also Believe In Referendum
Biafra Agitators
Biafra is not Scotland, but the Biafran agitators have remained peaceful to prove their haters and critics wrong and to show the world that they believe in a democratic process called REFERENDUM
Nobody attacked or molested northerner in south east, south south
*Peddlers of rumours, alarm and propaganda should beware
The attention of the Igbo Information Network is drawn to propaganda to the effect that some Northerners were attacked in Port-Harcourt by the pro-Biafran protesters.
BBC Propaganda Service
Here comes another BBC Hausa propaganda news service whilst instigating civil war
Something built on lies and deceit is short lived
Nigeria Map 6
Anything that is built on lies and deceit will definitely crash at unexpected moment. Any Negotiation against Biafra freedom is a waste of time.
Assault On Nnamdi Kanu
Assessing Physical Assault On Nnamdi Kanu By Nigerian DSS ON 23rd of November 2015
Buhari ignited Biafra agitation –Nnamdi Kanu’s brother
Younger brother of detained director of Radio Biafra and leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, Prince Emmanuel Kanu has called on the Federal Government to dialogue with the brother
Exposť!!! Buhari to Pay groups to act as FAKE "terrorists" against #Nnamdi Kanu. Biafrans BEWARE!
According to The Biafra Times, a reliable source  a group of people were paid by Buhari to act as terrorists and be caught to subsequently confess that Nnamdi Kanu is their sponsors.
Ijaw Leader Declares Support For Biafra
Youth Leader
COORDINATOR of Ijaw Monitoring Group, Comrade Joseph Evah in this interview calls for unity of purpose among political leaders of the Niger Delta extraction.
Nigeria Breaking up
The General Overseer of God’s Covenant of Christ Sabbath Mission, Amannachi in Orsu Local council Area of Imo State, High Priest Clifford Nmenabu, has warned that Nigeria may be soaked in blood if the Federal Government fails to release

Nnamdi Kanu - Beyond the propaganda
Nnamdi Kanu to Court
For anyone following events in Nigeria today and the Biafra question, some of the things easily heard are Nnamdi Kanu and Radio Biafra was preaching hate but not too many take time to look at the message in detail.
N20 Billion to Bribe Some Biafrans to Speak Against Biafra
Money Pots (Business Day)
Muhammadu Buhari has brought out a whooping N20 billion to bribe some Biafrans to speak against Biafra. And yet he claimed that Nigeria is broke.
Lt Gen T Y Buratai2
Nigeria Army is good at issuing Warning to Defenceless Unarmed Biafran Protesters but look what Book Haram did to them.