Nnaa were oji
Asị onye wetara Ọji wetara ndụ
Onye wetara Ọji eweteghị ndụ,
kama o wetara ihe Ọma.
Nanị Chineke wetara ndụ!


Nri Ndi-Igbo
Le kwa nri
Gị na eri, cheta kwa mụ,
noro ebe ahu na atụ ndụ nmanu


Mmanya nkwu
Mmanya ga aba na anya


Ịchoro ịta akara


Ube na Oka1




Feed Well




Garden Egg


Stock Fish





2015: Diaspora Jonathan Support Group Canvasses Vote for His Re-election
The largest Nigeria Diaspora support group for President Goodluck Jonathan in America has embarked on a 10-day massive telephone call to reach millions of Nigerians back home to cast their votes for the reelection of Goodluck Jonathan back in office for a second term. 
Rivers Elders Endorse Jonathan
Chief Albert Horsfall

Elder statesmen and leaders in Rivers state have called on the people of the state and entire Niger Delta region to vote for President Goodluck Jonathan in the forth-coming presidential election.
Why APGA Is Supporting Jonathan, By Umeh
Chief Victor Umeh1

Chief Victor Umeh, National Chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) believes anyone that loves Nigeria must support the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan for the implementation and restructuring of the polity, saying the All Progressives Congress (APC) was vehemently opposed to last year’s national conference; hence is not expected to implement its report. 
The forces against Buhari
Buhari 15 (ThisDay)

I got a call from a close friend the other day that left me speechless.  He had expressed the thoughts that he was wary of a Buhari presidency because of the fear of Islamisation. He is a medical doctor; well travelled and well read.
There Is No Leadership Crisis In Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Says Nworgu
x Igbo socio–cultural organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo is enmeshed in leadership crisis. Last week, a group of Igbo leaders on the aegis of Ohanaeze Elders Council led by former Minister of Aviation in the First Republic, Chief Mbazulike Amechi inaugurated a caretaker committee for Ohanaeze on the claim that the elected executive of Chief Enwo Igariwey has served out its two year tenure.
Ndigbo list conditions for backing presidential candidates

Ohanaeze-IGBO leaders rose from a crucial meeting in Enugu, insisting that there is no monetary value for their votes and anyone seeking their support in next month’s elections must be ready to embark on infrastructural development of the South East.
A Message for Obasanjo
Obasanjo 1
The simplest composition to write about Nigeria is to do a narrative about the person of President Olusegun Obasanjo. It is instructive that this man goes by many identities.
My Watch: Under Obasanjo’s Watch
My Watch

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo released his autobiography, My Watch, on Tuesday, December 9 at the Lagos Country Club, Ikeja. He defied an Abuja High Court order obtained by a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain, Buruji Kashamu, barring him from releasing the book. Rather than obey the order, Obasanjo wanted Justice Valentine Ashi sanctioned.
Ihejirika Sues Australian Hostage Negotiator, Stephen Davis, Demands N100bn as Damages
Dr Stephen Davies with Boko Haram Leaders
A former Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Onyeabo Azubuike Ihejirika (rtd.), has sued an Australian hostage negotiator, Dr. Stephen Davies, who accused him of sponsoring Boko Haram insurgents in the North-east.
The man, Buhari and his politics
Buhari and son small

MAJOR-GENERAL Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd), Grand Commander of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (GCFR) was born on December 17, 1942, in the town of Daura in the former Katsina province of the then Northern Nigeria.
My Watch: What Does Baba Iyabo Want?
My Watch

Nigeria is a unique place in the World by all standards. It is a place where anything is possible. It is a place so naturally endowed with abundant natural and human resources that we have practically all ‘brands’ of human beings; some exemplary in conduct, while some are only masters in pointing accusing fingers but quite hypocritical in real life
The 4th Return of Pa Muhammadu Buhari
Buhari 4a

I will hand over to Gen. Buhari for his review and possible implementation my policy document which was developed in line with the party’s philosophy. -His Excellency, Alhaji Atiku Abubaka, former Vice President, Federal Republic of Nigeria. 
Soyinka’s Demonization Of Jonathan
In a feat of acerbic verbal tantrums, Nobel Laureate Professor Wole Soyinka Tuesday December 2, attacked President Goodluck Jonathan and likened the Nigerian leader to Nebuchadnezzar the Biblical autocrat and king of Babylon who initially denounced the Living Supreme God.
Elder (Dr.) Chukwuma Nwaonicha Urges the PDP Delegates to Vote Wisely at the Delta State Governorship Primary
Elder (Dr.) Chukwuma Nwaonicha

The future of Deltans depends on the delegates from the twenty five Local Governments of the State.  I urge the PDP delegates to vote wisely and vote their conscience at the Governorship primary on December 8, 2014.  We know that the Governorship primary is one means by which any political party nominates candidate for Governorship election.
Why Igbo can’t produce President
The President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Chief Gary Enwo-Igariwey, yesterday in Lagos, said an Igbo man cannot be President of Nigeria
Amaechi: A Factor to Determine Who Occupies Aso Rock in 2015 - Ex-New PDP Spokesman
Amaechi and Supporters
Rivers State Governor, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Amaechi, has been described as a strong factor in determining who occupies the Aso Presidential Villa after the 2015 elections.
The Imperative of Chief Sir Victor Umeh KSJ, OFR
Chief Victor Umeh1
Circumstances throw up great men. OUR National Chairman, Chief Sir Victor Umeh is one of them. We, from these parts, are greatly lucky to have him at this time in the affairs of our National Party  and Nigerian nation
Community Leader Appeals To Jonathan To Complete 2nd Niger Bridge
2nd Niger Bridge s
Chief Ike Obasi, the President-General of Imo Community Assembly, Abuja, has appealed to President Goodluck Jonathan to ensure speedy completion of the second Niger bridge to facilitate easy movement of traffic.
Insurgency: Iwuanyanwu Seeks Summit Of Ex South-East military Officers
Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu1
Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, a PDP chieftain, has charged the Ohaneze Ndigbo leadership to summon a meeting of all retired senior security officers of South East extraction to discuss the security of the zone.
Courtney Dike: Is Only If Other Nigerians can be like her
Courtney Dike
Is only if other Nigerians can be like Courtney Dike, Nigeria would be a better place than what the country is now.
On Ohanaeze Ndigbo Endorsement of a Presidential Candidate
Ohanaeze President-General, Dr. Enwo-Igariwey
Politicians and vested interested individuals or groups do not speak for Ohaneze Ndigbo. At the just concluded Imeobi Ohaneze Ndigbo meeting, other issues affecting Ndigbo were discussed as usual, but these interested politician/ groups only present themselves at the meeting for the purpose of disrupting normal Imeobi meeting the meeting they never attend until now because of politics and 2015 election.
Amaechi : The Man,
His Feats, ‘Sins’ And Tribulations: An Insider’s Account

Amaechi - security challenges s
University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) in Rivers State was where Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi laid the foundation of his political life, participating actively in student union politics, especially in the National Union of Rivers State Students (NURSS)
Prof Joy Ogwu The Ambassador Extraordinary Who Makes Nigeria Proud All The Time
Prof. Joy Ogwu1
She has been blazing a trail in her career of being first to do this and that in a high caliber capacity that men earnestly covet. 
The forgotten Igbo and Igboids in Benue State
Gone are the days where we don't know where Igboid communities are hidden. I have now put Anioma and them on the map for future reference. They are in 4 local government areas of Benue State namely Ado, Oju, Okpoku and Obi, all in Benue State.
End the Post-Biafra Battlefield's Wars Now!
Memo to Joseph in Egypt: I just returned from a trip where I attended the September 16th 2014 Goodluck Support Group Summit held at Eagles Square, Federal Capital Territory Abuja.
Ezeife: There Won’t Be Permanent Peace in Nigeria Until..
Former Governor of Anambra State, Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife
Former Governor of Anambra State, Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife, has warned that there would not be permanent peace in the country until the minority and majority groups are seen as equal partners in the Nigerian project, without any group dominating the other.
Igbo Delegates Assembly Dump Jonathan, Endorses Buhari
Buhari 12
Leaders of the 19 northern state Igbo delegates assembly and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), have declared their support to the All Progressives Congress (APC), presidential candidate General Muhammadu Buhari for March 28Presidential election.
Jonathan’s Re-election’ll Do Nigeria More Good –Peter Obi
Governor Peter Obi Answering Questions
Deputy Director-General (South) of the Jonathan’s Campaign Organization Mr. Peter Obi, has underlined the reasons President Goodluck Jonathan should be re-elected for a second term in office
Nigeria: Who Cares?
For any nation, an election period is a time for renewal and also for reflection. Currently, the Nigerian polity is mindlessly heated up as aspirants stake their claims to power. And in this quest for control over the people's destiny, the politicians have put on display such behaviour as has made Nigeria look like a big nation entrusted to small men. This is a shame. Nigeria deserves better and all Nigerians, especially those occupying or seeking positions of power and authority, owe the nation a duty of care.
Why Nigerians Must Reject the Second Coming of Buhari
General Mo Buhari
When Muhammadu Buhari overthrew a democratically-elected government in a coup d"etat in 1983, Sani Abacha declared in his infamous radio broadcast: "(Our) health services are in shambles as our hospitals are reduced to mere consulting clinics without drugs, water and equipment."
Buhari Vs Jonathan: Who can salvage Nigeria? By Dr. Pedus C. Eweama
Jonathan and Buhari

As it stands, Nigeria as a nation is in a state of what a friend once described as “inexorable political trap” with a future that looks increasing uncertain. It has become inescapable that come March 28, 2015 the duo...
Buhari Promises To Revive Coal Industry, Boost South East Economy
General Muhammadu Buhari3

The former Head of State and presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Maj- Gen. Muhammadu Buhari has warned that any attempt of letting the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) rule Nigeria again for another four years, will lead the country into trouble.
Which Buhari is Clean?
It is only in Nigeria that a man who embezzled N2.8 billion NNPC money while he was Federal Commissioner of Petroleum in 1978 will be described as disciplined, isn't it? "It is only in Nigeria that a man who led the criminal overthrow of a democratically elected government in 1984 would later wish to benefit from the same democracy.
Boko Haram, Buhari and Northern Elite

THE principal demand of Boko Haram is religious supremacy and inter-faith intolerance, this demand started in the current democratic era when a Sharia movement started declaring some states as sharia states in clear volation of the secularity of the federation contained in section 10 of the constitution of Nigeria
2015: Between Jonathan and Buhari -who is the lesser evil?
Between Jonathan and Buhari small
Igbos and Buhari's past -Some Igbos here have been urging that we, Igbos, should not have a thing to do with All Progressives Congress [APC] or their candidates. They had hoped Ngige or Okorocha would be nominated as APC presidential flag bearer. That did not happen. Buhari, once again, became a presidential candidate, under APC. The party decided that and we have to live with it, or present our own man to run as independent, if the law allows that.
Wind of Change is in the Air
Quack claim of leadership expertise is one of the perennial problems that have kept drawing Nigeria backwards. Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka and Chike Obi (Mathematician) never had any personal experience in the machinery of civil and public administration.
Impeachment Threats of Impeachable Characters
Member of House Reps Climbing Gate s

The fence-scaling, (dis)honourable members of the House Reps and some Senators have levelled 14 allegations, which in their thinking are impeachable offences against President Goodluck Jonathan. These discontented members of both Houses are simply aiming to heat up the polity in the spirit of Janjaweed philosophy of opposition politics in Nigeria.
2015:  Okeke, former police commission boss, gives conditions for Igbo to support Jonathan
Governor Willie Obiano and Chief Simon Okeke
Although the south east states have made President Goodluck Jonathan their consensus candidate for the 2015 presidential election, this is not without a condition, says one of the Igbo leaders and former Chairman of the Police Service Commission, Chief Simon Okeke
Hunters, Boko Haram and
a maligned Army

Hunters set for Boko Haram
The story of David and Goliath remains a popular and fascinating tale.  A young shepherd slays a seasoned and —by some accounts— gigantic soldier.  This story plays into the narrative of the underdog emerging triumphant despite overwhelming odds.  And everybody loves a victorious underdog.
Nwuche: Jonathan will Win in a Free, Fair Election
President Dr Goodluck Jonathan
Former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Chibudom Nwuche, has asserted that President  Goodluck Jonathan will emerge victorious in the 2015 polls provided a transparent and level-playing ground heralds the conduct of the election.
What Does a Nigerian Legislator do
Members House of Rep
The entire Nigerian state last week was treated to the movie "Scaling Gates"...a production of the legislative arm of government
Jonathan deserves a second term- Olejeme
President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan10
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial aspirant in Delta State, Dr. Ngozi Olejeme has urged Nigerian politicians to emulate the noble ideals and legacies of the Rt. Hon. Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe.
2015 - Why Nigeria needs Jonathan more now – Umeh
Chief Victor Umeh
Contrary to claims by some opposition political parties that the recent declaration of President Goodluck Jonathan for the 2015 presidential election was in bad taste
State of the Nation: Governors have become a problem to our democracy - Etiebet
Chief Donald Etiebet
The All Progressives Congress, (APC) has claimed that President Jonathan was insensitive to have made his declaration for a second term a day after 48 school children were killed in a bomb explosion in Yobe State, however, within the context of the security situation in the country
Boko Haram and those Curious Calls For President’s ResignationIBB & Atiku
The war against insurgency in Nigeria has sadly been reduced to Jonathan’s war. Those who could command public opinion to weigh in against the spread of the Boko Haram sect and terrorism in northern Nigeria have ostensibly kept mute
Flogging a Dead Horse: Igbo Leaders propose Regional Govts
Igbo leaders1

It is astounding that decisions or suggestions based on pure sentiment and emotion and not reason and strategy that considers the total picture based on facts both short term and long term continue as the mainstay of so-called Igbo leaders
Catholic Church Hails Obi over Papal Honour
Peter Obi (left), greeting  Pope  Francis I
In appreciation for his good work and personification of sound Christian principles in public service and his fruitful collaboration with the Church, the former Governor of Anambra State has been awarded the Pontifical Equestrian Order of Saint Sylvester, Pope and Marty.
Governor Rotimi Amaechi, Now a Political Rascal
Governor Amaechi and Jonathan at War
It is unfortunate that Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State is now being branded “a political Rascal.” This is what a governor will get if he continually concentrates on criticising the president’s performances
Theodore Orji Bags quintessential Igbo Leader Award
Governor Theodore Orji receiving an award

Abia State Governor, Theodore Orji receiving an award as the quintessential Igbo Leader from Prof. Chinweike Ezeike, Vice Chairman Igbo Leaders of Thought on behalf  of Igbo Youth Movement at Nike Lake Resort Enugu. Watching is Prof. Ben Nwabueze, Chairman, Igbo leaders of Thought and Chairman of the Occasion.
Igbo language, culture extolled
Igbo language, culture extolled

Anaocha indigenes in Lagos and lovers of culture were recently treated to a feast of Igbo culture at a gathering that also featured various competitions in Igbo language. The event was the maiden edition of the Association of Indigenes of Anaocha Local Government, Lagos, Cultural Day and launch of their Igbo Language Development Centre.



Vote for Jonathan’, Olejeme enjoins Niger Delta women
Deputy Chairman, Finance Committee of the Presidential Campaign Organization, Dr. Ngozi Olejeme has described the standard-bearer of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Dr. Goodluck Jonathan as an incorruptible politician.
APC blasts PDP over abandoned Enugu Int’l Trade Fair
The All Progressives Congress, APC, weekend, took a swipe at the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP),over Federal Government’s failure to construct the permanent site of Enugu International Trade Fair complex six years on.
Olejeme expresses confidence of Jonathan’s re-election
Dr. Ngozi Olejeme
Deputy Chairman, Finance Committee of the Presidential Campaign Organization, Dr. Ngozi Olejeme has expressed confidence that the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Candidate, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan would be returned to power in the March 28 Presidential Elections.
Attan calls for the revival of reading culture
Attan - Them Two

The chairman, correspondent chapel of the Nigerian Union of Journalists Imo State council, Mr Attan Agbkwuru has called on the public to imbibe the culture of reading and giving books as a gift.
A man more sinned against than sinning!
Buhari and Jonathan

William    Shakespeare   popularized the legend of King Lear in a play of the same title. This play has a unique universal lesson on the concept of sin. Sin, in general terms, operates in the domain of religion. In Islam, it is Haram. It is some form of violation (of rules), wrongdoing, transgression or offence.
Press Release
Chief Mbazulike Ameachi and Chief ralph Obioha are Merchandizing Ndigbo for Personal and Selfish Gains
Ikedi Ohakim: a lesson for all political leaders
Ikedi Ohakim1
All over the world, politicians are known for putting their all into the struggle for power. But the most revered of them are the few who though tenacious in their legitimate aspiration to get power, do not pursue power like it is a life or death affair.
Kalu: My Greatest Mistake in Office
Kalu - My Greatest Mistake
In an interview with Adedayo Adejobi,  former governor of Abia State, Orji Uzor Kalu,  speaks on his stewardship in Abia, the upcoming general elections. his truncated senatorial ambition, his relationship with former President Olusegun Obasanjo and President Goodluck Jonathan.
Confronting the Challenges - By Sir Peter Obi
Governor Peter Obi of Anambra State

One obvious truth about our country today is that it is successfully grappling with those challenges of nation building that are inevitable for any country that wishes to attain real greatness.
Igbo World assembly (IWA) Condemns Efforts at Igbo Disunity
The goal of Igbo World Assembly (IWA) is clear and we have been very consistent in stating that Ndi-Igbo must always stand united at all times. IWA recognizes our strong democratic traditions and principles as Ndiigbo which may at times warrant minor differences in opinion among our people.
Forgotten Igbo children airlifted out during the Biafran
Forgotten Igbo (Biafran) children
The recent claim that Gabon’s president Ali Bongo is actually Nigerian has shone a spotlight on a subject not many were aware of, that of the children airlifted out of Biafra, and Nigeria, some never to be reunited with their families. Now they are adults.
Four Ways of Writing the First Chapter
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 7
There are four primary approaches for beginning a successful novel. Probably more, including some highly experimental ones, but these are the classic main four. Here Jeff Gerke, an award-winning editor of fiction and non-fiction and the author of six novels, five non-fiction books and the co-author or ghostwriter of numerous other books, shows how.
The Buhari PTF Days: The Untold Story

The mantra making the rounds now in the opposition circles is: Buhari is the change we need. One wonders how much of this Buhari the orchestrators know. Or are they just blinded by the propaganda of the All Progressives Congress (APC)
Derivation: North’s conspiracy versus South’s resistance
Nigeria North Central South
Make or Break: Nigeria is again at cross-roads, what’s new? -The crisis as usual is the game of chicken in which the leadership of the core-North, the born-to-rule, not satisfied with its British deliberately engineered skewed advantages in their favor since independence now seeks to impose and extend these advantages into the foreseeable future or to hell with Nigeria.
UNN Igbo centre rekindles nationalists’ spirit
Oritsejafor delivers maiden Zik public lecture

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) recently played host to scholars, Igbo sons and daughters, and stakeholders from different parts of the country.
Ogonis in US, Ndigbara, Wiwa Hails Rivers APC Consensus Governorship Candidate
Hon Dakuku Peterside2
Ogoni Stakeholders Forum (OSF) in the US, Chief Solomon Ndigbara and Wiwa family of bane have hailed the Rivers State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress for choosing Hon Dakuku Peterside as its consensus governorship candidate.
Chime wants Church, traditional rulers to collaborate to preserve Igbo language
Governor Sullivan Chime 2

Enugu – Gov. Sullivan Chime of Enugu State has called on the Church to collaborate with traditional rulers in the South-East to preserve Igbo language and culture from going into extinction.
As another civil war looms
Weapons seized from the Boko Haram

Forty-four years after the end of the Nigeria-Biafra War, Nigeria finds herself on the brink of another civil war. Nigerians have waited in vain in the last five years for those who should know to show some fortitude and speak out. Last week, a few of them did.
Regionalism only solution to Nigeria’s problems –Ekweremadu
Ike Ekweremadu, Deputy Senate President

With the 2015 general polls drawing near, Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, has urged the political class to allow citizens the freedom to choose leaders to represent them.
South-East will produce president after Jonathan – Nwaorgu
Dr Joe Nwaorgu
Dr Joe Nwaorgu is the Secretary General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo. He was a delegate to the just concluded National Conference.
Igbo in Nigerian Politics: Fresh views on what Igbos want for 2015
Chief Victor Umeh

When journalists learnt that All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) National Chairman, Chief Victor Umeh, was visiting the son of Nigeria’s first President, Owelle Bamidele Chukwuma Azikiwe...
I Believe Wike and Amaechi Are Working Together – Princewill
Wike and Amaechi

Before I go into the reasons why, let me start by congratulating the President for the best declaration I have ever seen in Nigeria.
North: Igbo are not the problem
Azuka Onwuka
The interview of Dr. Junaid Mohammed in The PUNCH of October 25, 2014, was typical of men of his ilk. Rather than strategize with like minds to find solutions for the problems of his community, he prefers the escapist route of blaming others.
Are Igbos really foolish?
Igbo small

Dr Junaid Mohammed,a member of the House of Representatives in the Second Republic and currently coordinates the Coalition of Northern Politicians, Academics, Professionals and Businessmen. He treats other zones of Nigeria with little respect, and obviously cannot hide his hatred and disregard for Ndigbo of the South East Nigeria.
Between Sen. Margery Okadigbo And Stella Odua
The battle for legislative representation of Anambra North Senatorial District at the Upper Chambers of the National Assembly is currently raging between Margery Okadigbo, the incumbent Senator and Stella Odua, the charismatic former Minister of Aviation.
PDP’s Congress: A sham, PDP will lose us and Rivers State - Princewill

Prince Tonye Princewill 5

Prince Tonye Princewill has decided to make public his personal perception of what he called ‘the weak attempt’ at a Ward Congress held by the Wike led Rivers State PDP exco.
Nigeria: Leaving it to God since...1960
Premier Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa of Nigeria - 1963 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
It was October 1st, and trust me, many parts of Nigeria was green and white, some parents went the extra mile, dying their kids hair the national color, my own kids went to a party and came back with a green and white faces.
Arab Contractors As An Obstacle To Economic Recovery Of The South-East
The people of the defunct Eastern Nigeria were on a high socio-economic pedestal before the advent of the Nigerian/Biafran war


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African Tales
President Jonathan Kick-Starts Construction of 2nd Niger Bridge
Second Niger Bridge - 17
President Goodluck Jonathan today 
performed the Ground Breaking
Ceremony of the Second Niger Bridge,
at Onitsha, Anambra State.
Jonathan's Letter to Obasanjo
Jonathan and Obasanjo
Atiku Finally Exposes Obasanjo's

Obasanjo and Atiku

Former Vice President Atiku
Abubakar in a forthcoming
 book entitled 'Atiku Media Office:
Late Professor Dora Akunyili laid to rest
Prof. Dora Akunyili remains
‘Decentralisation Of Power, Not Breakup Is The Way Forward For Nigeria’ Obi Of Onitsha
Obi of Onitsha, Igwe Nnaemeka Achebe
The Obi Of Onitsha, His Royal Majesty, Igwe Nnaemeka Alfred Ugochukwu Achebe...
Radio Biafra
Oby Ezekwesili
Obiageli (Oby) Ezekwesili
The Uncomfortable Truth of
Nigeria's Elusive Economic

Obasanjo wants Jonathan to
copy him as a
role model but...
Obasanjo Sleeping
Obasanjo has no shame and morals;
yet he wants to detect to us
Nigerians on who rule our country

It is prejudicial to ask South South
President Goodluck Jonathan to
do one term and get out

President Goodluck Jonathan 4

It is a cry woof asking not to disintegrate Nigeria while those verbalising it are actively engaged in trying to disintegrate it.
FG, Boko Haram and an Australian lunatic
Boko Haram Since 2009
FG, Boko Haram and an Australian lunatic called Dr Stephen Davis
Are Igbos really foolish?
Igbo small

Dr Junaid Mohammed,a member of the House of Representatives in the Second Republic 


Centenary Celebration
Amongst all Things

OBJs letter to Jonathan
President Goodluck Jonathan & Obasanjo
Obasanjo’s 18-page letter entitled
“Before it is too late”,
dated December 2, 2013

Northern Nigeria Double Standards
on Boko Haram and MEND

North and Boko Haram

The Arewa Consultative Forum fully
supported the military crack down
on Niger Delta militants four years ago
but today, Northern Nigeria has this
to say when President Goodluck Jonathan declared a crackdown on Boko Haram

Dr. Azikiwe and Dr.Okpara Combined Achievements in Eastern Region and Nigeria
    Dr. Azikiwe and Dr.Okpara
With NO OIL revenue but only  limited resources from palm oil, coal and limstone For 12 years Dr. Azikiwe and Dr, Okpara transformed all areas of Eastern Nigeria..
Northern and Southern Divide
Prof. Ben Nwabueze
IT is a commonplace fact that Nigeria is beset by many problems; one such problem, not always readily appreciated, is the Divide between the northern and southern parts of the country. 
Re: 2015 presidency - Blood will flow…
2015 Election

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi
Central Bank Governor, Mallam Lamido Sanusi (Punch)

The Man Who Didn’t Realise the Sensitive Nature of His Position as a CBN Governor
Iyabo Obasanjo writes father:
Calls him liar, manipulator, hypocrite

Obasanjo and Iyabo 2
Getting back to my mother, I still
remember your beating her up
continually when we were kids.

The Bitter Truth About the Igbo
Femi Fani-Kayode 2

Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe: The Only Nation Builder Nigeria Ever Had
Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe

When Professor Pat Utomi in an article titled “nation building: how we missed the plot,” decried the absence of nation building in Nigeria. 

Chibok School Girls
Bring Back Our Girls - 32
Still waiting for sisters to come out
of that Sambisia forest
Boko haram's Incursion into Igboland
486 Boko haram Suspects

With utmost horror the news that 486 Boko Haram suspects were arrested in Abia State by Nigerian soldiers

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