United Nations Charter: Biafrans Right To Freedom Is The Law: Enact On What You Preach!
UN Logo
The United Nations was historically formed on January 1, 1942, with representatives of 26 nations at war with the Axis powers who met in Washington to sign the Declaration of the United Nations endorsing the Atlantic Charter, pledging to use their full resources against the Axis and agreeing not to make a separate peace.
"They are desperate to cover their dirty tracks" US based Aisha Buhari lambasts Nigeria Government
Aisha Muhammadu Buhari 1
The recent bubble of the Nigerian government in their desperation to shield the wife of the President from the Halliburton bribery scandal have just been bursted as their substitute for the President Buhari's wife has also dissociated herself from any activity, agreement or transaction with the so called Halliburton company.
New Deadly Group, 'Adaka Biafra Marine Commando' Blow Up Shell Trunk Line In Rivers
New Deadly Group2
A95 Bar LNG Shell Soku Trunk Line was blown up by midnight, yesterday in Rivers State by a newly emerged dreadful group called Adaka Biafra Marine Commando.
From The Way Buhari Talks About “Fighting Corruption” You May Not Even Know He Lives With It
Aisha Muhammadu Buhari
Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti state who have always said, he will not be intimidated by President Muhammadu Buhari and he promised to continue speaking against anything he feels that is not right in this present administration
Nigeria’s Second Genocide on Biafra Authorized by Muhammadu Buhari
Genocide On Biafra Authorized By Muhammadu Buhari
Retired Major General Muhammadu Buhari has authorized a second genocide on Biafra, having directly participated in the first genocide of 1967—1970. In 1968, Buhari and his co-soldiers slaughtered over two million Biafrans at Owerri and most of those massacred were women and children.
Nigeria Military and Government Sponsored Militant Group Bound to Fail
Nigerian sponsored Militant
President Muhammadu Buhari in collaboration with Minister of transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, Governor Adams Oshiomole of Edo state, and other gullible politicians of the so-called South-South, in a desperate move to stop the activities of the Avengers have formed a new militant group to confront the Avengers in the creeks
Niger Delta Avengers: The Last Hope Of A Common Man
Niger Delta Avengers1
The days are gone when the oppressed goes to the court of law to seek redress. The Nigerian Judiciary is now a business organisation where the pre-eminent trade the rights of the common man.
Let This Boom Continue
Boom Boom Continue
I will love to make this essay a free one, where I can express my joy and sadness, I am everyday waiting for news, where the Boom! Occurred. This Boom! That takes away pride from thieves and draw them closer to God.
UNEXPECTED: JNDLF Missiles Launch Finally Rocks 'Plan Change'
Missiles Launch Finally Rocks
The group asserted: “There is no gainsaying that we made our earlier promise to launch six Missiles simultaneously against some targeted areas.
Genocide against peaceful pro-Biafrans and Amnesty International indictment of the Army: IPOB leaders expose the lies of the military response
Genocide against peaceful Biafrans protesters
The blatantly illiterate and incompetent Nigerian Army responded to an indicting report by Amnesty International concerning the killing of unarmed and peaceful Biafrans which occurred on the 29th and 30th of May 2016 in their usual manner of name-calling and peddling of lies. In their response credited to one Col. H. A. Gambo, the Nigerian Army stated
Again, Burnt Corpses  of Massacred IPOB Members Discovered...(Graphic Photos)
More and more corpses of the indigenous people of Biafra are still being discovered following the tragic May 30 that saw the death of over 600 defenceless Christian Biafran youths in Nkpor, Anambra State who came lout to peacefully celebrate the remembrance of the Heroes and Heroines.
Buhari is Nigeria’s Problem  - U.S Intelligence Chief
Pete Hoekstra
Pete Hoekstra, a former chairman of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee from 2004 to 2007 in this article published by Wall Street Journal says President Muhammadu Buhari is Nigeria’s problem and not the solution
"Only Nnamdi Kanu Can Negotiate For Us"-- Niger Delta Avengers Thunders On Radio Biafra
Nnamdi Kanu 2
The dreaded Niger Delta Avengers has once again issued a bomb-shelling statement in their call to Radio Biafra during the Friday night live broadcast.
It Is A Crime Against Humanity For Nigerian Government To Send Troops To Kill Unarmed Biafran Civilians
The news reaching us here in Washington indicates that there has been several killings of civilians by Nigerian security forces on the occasion of the celebration of Biafra day.
Ogoni Clean-Up a Scam To Buy Us: We Need Freedom To Clean Our Land
Just like when second Niger bridge was commissioned, we thought everything was in place, we never knew it was a scam. Nothing could be achieved when the country was buoyant, now that the country is suffering leprosy of the pocket, Ogoni is to be cleaned.
Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu Releases Poem from Kuje Prisons
Nnamdi Kanu Releases Poem from Kuje Prisons
The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu on Thursday, May 12, released a poem from Kuje Prison in Abuja. The letter which was sent by IPOB to NAIJ was said to have been released through a lawyer representing Kanu.
I need details of efforts by the British govt to stop Nnamdi Kanu's Rights abuses in Nigeria- - British MP Angela Rayner
British MP Angela Rayner
Angela Rayner, a Labour British Member of Parliament and a Shadow Pensions Minister has again, demanded full explanations from the British government regarding their roles on helping Nnamdi Kanu- a British citizen and the leader of
There Is Enough Evidence For UN To Take Action Against Buhari---Rosa. I. Segura
Rosa. I. Segura
There is no doubt that the Jews, common US citizens and all Christians feel the pain Christian-Biafrans are passing through in the hands of Islamic Nigeria. It is a huge disappointment to them that their various governments have not taken action to curb the persecution of Christian- Biafrans
MIND BLOWING!!!  Jonathan Finally Reveals Nigeria's Worth Before Handing Over To Buhari
Jonathan Handing over to Buhari
Former president Goodluck Jonathan has revealed the state in which he handed over the Nigerian economy to President Muhammadu Buhari.
BIAFRA AGITATION: Oby Ezekwesili Finally Speaks Out
Oby Ezekwesili
Oby Ezekwesili has stated that Nigeria never transitioned from a country to a Nation. The former minister said after the civil war, Nigerian leaders never felt the need to reintegrate or rehabilitate the region – the southeast – who received the greatest blow from the civil war.
The Unending Culture of Impunity
Soldiers Harassing
Photo: Soldiers Harassing
Upon assumption of office on May 29, 2015 President Muhammadu Buhari Administration promised to fight corruption and impunity, respect the human rights of all persons and operate under the rule of law. But in spite of such avowed commitment, the Police, the armed forces and the other security agencies have continued to infringe on the fundamental rights of the Nigerian people.
Fulani Herdsmen Attacks:  Buhari Deceives The West Again
French President with Buhari
It is not uncommon to hear the President say that the Fulani herdsmen are not Nigerians. This is not the first time he has deceived the world. He succeeded in telling Nigerians that Nigeria will not be part of the Islamic Coalition against Terrorism but turned around to include Nigeria in the Coalition.
Apex Hypocrisy! British Foreign and Commonwealth Office denies knowledge of Nigeria brutality against Biafrans
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Millions of Biafrans have expressed disappointment over comments credited to British Foreign and Commonwealth Office stating that they are not aware of Nigeria brutality against Biafrans despite several protests and petitions that have been flooding their various offices across different countries of the world by Biafrans, Human Rights Organizations and some Members of the British Parliament.
America Needs A Brash Who Anchors On The Truth Or She Would Fall
Clinton Trump
Take it or leave, America is at the verge of collapsing and a brash who anchors on the truth alone can resurrect the America we once knew. ISIL-DAESH is a monster that America could not contain or kill, North Korea is showing off her strength at the detriment of America. Iran has nuclear right at the detriment of the most natural and unbreakable ally of America. American President today genuflects before the Saudi King, who honours who?  Injustice is on the rise in all parts of the world which indirectly reflects the ‘failings’ of America
"Fantastically Corrupt" Buhari’s War With David Cameron
Britain is the backbone of Nigeria and this war Buhari stirred with Cameron is a war that will be very ugly if it does not end now. Accusing Britain of being a safe haven for all Nigerian corrupt leaders including him is a blatant move.  No one would ever thought of that from Buhari who has received support of all kinds from her majesty’s pocket and used her might at will.
EXPLOSIVE: Herdsmen killing Nigerians are Boko Haram says Buhari
Buhari and others chatting
President Muhammdu Buhari has stated that herdsmen involved in the killing of Nigerians are non-Nigerians who came from Libya.
Cameron Was Right - Yes, Buhari And Its Laprous Country, Nigeria Is "Fantastically Corrupt"
Buhari with his group 2
Please pay particular attention to the date this letter was dated. Note! The reason for borrowing this money is to enable the Minister of Information (Lai Mohammed) perform an official assignment they have already performed week(s) back.
Enugu Massacre:  Police Find Gruesome Video Of Enugu Massacre On Fulani Herdsman
Armed Fulani herdsmen
One of the Fulani herdsmen who allegedly participated in the Enugu massacre has made shocking revelations in police custody, Saturday Sun reports.
Meet The 5year Old Girl Butchered By Fulani Terrorists In Enugu
As reactions and condemnations continue to trail the massacre of over 200 Biafrans in Ukpabi-Nimbo Enugu State, several bodies have continued to be discovered littered across the several communities in Nimbo as most parts of affected communities continues to be in desolate and deserted by the inhabitants.

Biafra Protests
Protests across the South East and South South for Biafran Referendum and to release Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and director of Radio Biafra who was arrested for speaking his mind on the radio although they called his speeches hate speeches, however there is no evidence suggesting that.

The new deadly militant group, the Asawana Deadly Force of Niger Delta, ADFND, which on Thursday claimed to have taking over from the Niger Delta Avengers, NDA, yesterday slated coming Saturday July 2nd, 2016,as the day it will bomb Bonga Field, Onitsha -Asaba bridge, Third Mainland bridge, and other major bridges across the southern of the country.
UK Exit and Cameron’s Resignation Will Cost Nigeria
British Prime Minister, David Cameron
The vote has been counted and UK will finally leave EU, a development that is politically dangerous. The UK prime minister has been vigorously backing “remain” and has pleaded UK to remain as leaving would not only destabilize them but affect a lot of things contrary to the joy of independence the common British people seek.
EU And ECOWAS Storms Nigeria: Set To Meet With Buhari Over Biafra Agitation And The Avengers--Authority
European Parliam
The leadership of the European Union (EU) Delegation to Nigeria and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has concluded plans to meet with President Muhammadu Buhari over the rising wave of militancy in the Niger Delta and the agitations by the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB), it was gathered at the weekend.
BIAFREXIT: Nigeria Will Not Survive Buhari
Few weeks ago, I engaged in a conversation with a friend of mine, an international security expert based in London, we were discussing on the effects of the increasing resurgence of multiple activist groups across Nigeria and most recently, in the Niger Delta region of Biafra Land.
Biafra killings: IPOB challenges FG, security agencies to show evidence of its violent activities
Scene of Onitsha protest
The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has challenged the Federal Government and its security agencies, especially the Army, Navy, DSS, and Police to show evidence of violence or crime committed by IPOB  members that justified the gruesome and unwarranted killings
Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu versus the Nigerian Pharoah
Nnamdi Kanu 1
May 30, 1967, goes down in history the birth of a nation east of The Niger was declared but the forces of tyranny and dissent voices on the other side of the table declared a war to ‘reunite’ the country, not a war borne out of love for the separated brothers but a war to reclaim and survive on the treasure beneath their land.
Biafra is a divine project from Almighty God – IPOB By Seun Opejobi
Biafrans Match
The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, under the leadership of detained Nnamdi Kanu has declared that it would actualize the sovereign state of Biafra through peaceful means because it’s “a divine project from God Almighty.”
Rochas backs Fulani, approves Imo State grazing bill----Vanguard
Buhari and Rochas
Photo:  Buhari and Rochas
This news house has authoritatively gathered that there is Grazing Bill before the Imo State House of Assembly. The bill is spearheaded by Rochas Okoracha and presented by Hon. Uju Onwudiwe.
There Is Agony, Pain And Bloodshed In Biafra
Agony, Pain and Bloodshed In Biafra
I forcefully woke up from a nightmare, IPOB had strategically shut down Biafra land in a demonstration, and soldiers were patrolling to confront the situation, when I saw Soldiers, I decided to retreat into a nearby house but then a soldier saw me.
Nimbo Massacre, Must Biafra Bleed For Nigeria To Remain One?
Remains of Nimbo Massacre
The pains of losing a child or a loved one is to be equated with the loss of one’s part of his or her body. It remains unforgettable as it is that anytime you want to see who or what you have, you will only remember that you once had it but never again.
Beyond Obiano’s Crocodile Tears Over Biafran Heroes Day Massacre: The Murdered Buried In Pieces Must Be Exhumed & Rested In Peace – Intersociety
Governor Obiano and Onitsha massacre
The leadership of International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law (Intersociety) wishes to inform all Nigerians and international watchers that we have totally been vindicated concerning our special publication of 6th of June 2016; titled “How Over 90 Biafran Heroes Day Activists Were Massacred By Security Forces & Buried In Military Cemetery Inside Onitsha Army Barracks”.
The Grazing Reserve Bill in Imo State House of Assembly
Grazing Reserve Bill in Imo
There have been desperate, well-coordinated and very loud denials, rebuttals and disclaimers from the Imo State House of Assembly on the one hand, the sponsor of the bill, Hon. Uju Onwudiwe and her aides on the other.
Willie Obiano Endorses The Killing Of Biafrans
Willie Obiano Endorses The Killing Of Biafrans
After the killing, maiming and illegal arrests of Biafrans on May 30th 2016, simply because they came to pay homage to Heroes and Heroines of the Biafra Genocide of 1967-1970 in Nkpor, Anambra state.
Blood of Biafrans Flows on Heroes Day in Biafraland
Blood of Biafrans Flow
The 30th of May,2016 is a day that will never be forgotten in Biafraland. Every year, this particular day is set for the remembrance of Heroes and Heroines of the Biafra Genocide of 1967-1970.
Biafran Girl Weeps Bitterly As Western Media, Others Refuse Reporting Continous Massacre Of Peaceful IPOB Members In Nigeria
Biafran Girl Weeps Bitterly
A young lady who reportedly witnesse the May 30 shooting of unarmed indigenous people of Biafra by the Nigerian military has decided to ease herself the anguish of watching loved ones die in the hands of those meant to protect, she however let uncontrollable tears missed with fury profusely flow down her cheeks.
Biafra Heroes' Day Massacre: St. Edmund's Church was a Scene of Horror and Bloodshed
St. Edmund's Church 2
The massacre of peaceful and law abiding Biafrans who had come from all over Biafraland to pay homage to their fallen heroes and heroines in the Biafra Genocide of 1967-1970 started from St Edmund's Catholic Parish.
26 CSOs Move to Back IPOB for Referendum on Nigeria
Biafra - PH Match1
Efforts by the federal authorities to brutally suppress the Biafra agitation appear to be backfiring as 26 civil society organisations have taken steps to endorse the non-violent agitation championed by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and to call for a referendum to decide the future of Nigeria as one entity.
AMALGAMATION: Family Writers Visit To Frederick Lugards 1914 Office Where Nigeria Amalgamation Was Concocted
Amalgamation House 1914
The amalgamation and artificial creation of Nigeria by the British Soldier, Mercenary, Explorer, Colonial Administrator Frederick Lugard from Britain which led to the devastating state and perpetual sufferings of Biafrans, motivated FAMILY WRITERS to visit the over a century old building situated in IKOT ABASI.
Grazing Bill A Move For Purpose Of Islamization--- Efobi Legal Researcher Greenwich University London
Senate House
The story is told of how king Yunfa, the Hausa Sarkin in Gobir(now called Sokoto) hosted a Fulani immigrant  called Usman Dan Fodiyo and his group  in February 1804. As a result of this and since 1808 the whole of the Northern region lost its kingdoms and were replaced by Fulani emirates. King Yunfa is said to have been killed in 1808 and the Fulani warrior (Usman Dan Fodiyo) established Sokoto caliphate, making himself Sultan. Gradually, other Hausa kingdoms were pillaged and taken over by the Fulani Emirs.
Biafrans Felicitates with You (Yisraelites) for your Independence Remembrance day
Biafrans Felicitates with You
We, the people of Biafra felicitate with you this day for the remembrance of your freedom- Independence. Freedom is the essence of life, the natural way for all mankind to life. The animals themselves are the perfect epitome of a free life- they move at their will, they don't serve themselves and they have opinion on what to eat, where to go, where to live, and, if possible where to die.
Nnamdi Kanu's Incarceration  A Catalyst To Biafra Agitation- David Otto
David Otto Endeley, a Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime expert at TGS Intelligence and Security Consultants based in London has disclosed to Family Writers that the activities of Nnamdi on Radio Biafra and most recently, his incarceration by Nigerian government are the sole reasons why the call for restoration of Biafra independence
5,000 Ammunitions Recovered From Hausa/Fulanis: Biafrans Must Declare Operation Search All Mosque In Aba
Following the information we circulated on Thursday, 12th May, 2016, that Hausa/Fulanis are off-loading arms into a Mosque located at Onions market, Uratta Express Junction, Aba, Biafrans in Aba actually did the needful and the police stormed the Mosque, and recovered over 5,000 different types of guns including the ones recovered from Aba Central Mosque.
Between ECOWAS, Nigerian State Sovereignty and Human Right Sovereignty
ECWAS Judgers
Buhari has said and through his ministers posited that Nigeria is a sovereign state, that nobody will tell her what to do or decide for her. Nigeria will kill anybody, imprison anybody, trample on human right and do anything that pleases her with the lives of Biafrans and Nnamdi Kanu
My Shocking Journey To The Conquered And Islamized Nimbo In Uzo-Uwani Engugu State
I saw shocking things on my way to Nimbo, I embraced fear and had my heart on my hand, and I was not a man because fear and shock narrowed me down to nothing. At first I was strong-hearted because I knew there would be sufficient security but I was wrong because security is even a threat to my life.
Why You Must Reject Any Form Of Grazing Bill In The South
Cattles Banned from Grazing
The story is told of how King Yunfa, the Hausa Sarkin in Gobir (now called Sokoto) hosted a Fulani immigrant called Usman Dan Fodiyo and his group in February 1804, as a result of this and since 1808 the whole of the northern region lost its kingdoms and were replaced by Fulani emirates. King Yunfa is said to have been killed in 1808 and the Fulani warrior (Usman Dan Fodiyo) established Sokoto caliphate, making himself Sultan.
Nigerians In Diaspora Protests Against The Killings Of Biafrans
Nigerians in Diaspora Protests against the Killings by Fulani-Herdsmen
The violent and barbaric activities perpetrated by the terrorists called Fulani-Herdsmen is seriously causing a revolt within and outside Nigeria. The Fulani Herdsmen has never been this active. Over 1,500 Biafrans has been slaughtered by the Fulani Herdsmen in less than 9month of Buhari's Administration.
Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu Ezeigbo Gburu Gburu Ikemba Nnewi
I was humiliated because of you, I dragged them to Aburi in other to secure your legal rights, I made an open declaration (Ahiara declaration) to make you a freeman not regarding the consequences,
Christians In Danger In Nigeria: Intersociety Raises the Alarm Calls for Urgent Action to Avoid Disaster
Holy Bible1
Exposing New Waves Of Grazing & Bomb Terrorisms Against Southern & Northern Christian & Other Secular Populations
Enugu State Governor Lied on the Fulani Herdsmen Killings
Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi
The story Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu state told the public about the massacre was false with intent to hide the truth and deceive the public. I will try as much to give account of what transpired and why Ifeanyi should be held responsible for failing to stop or minimize the causalities of that attack. Let us not be easy and quick to be deceived.
Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi And The Herdsmen: Its Time We Began Dna Test On Our Politicians
Enugu State Governor and President Buhari
"When the guidance of the laws are only seeming and not the real guidance, then see how they turn the State upside down."



Tension as British Conservative MP queries his Government on Biafra
Charles Walker MP
A Conservative MP, Charles Walker, who represents Broxbourne in Hertfordshire, England, has fired a series of questions about Biafra and human rights in Nigeria at the UK government.
BREXIT: Buhari Displays Colossal Hypocrisy And Idiocy Again: Hails David Cameron And Eu For Allowing Referendum
David Cameron And Buhari
The ancient people who toiled the earth long before the modern man made so many earth-moving moral discoveries that not only kept them strong and agile but prolonged their days far more than that of the modern man. One of those earth-moving moral discoveries is the inalienable fact that 'Truth Is Life'.
Brexit, Biafra and the ‘Referendum’
But I am also not an idiot, strictly speaking. The Nigerian union is clearly not a bed of roses. There is intense political competition among the big ethnic groupings, and the Igbo have for nearly 50 years expressed a desire to get out of the union, to be on their own. They feel marginalised.
Let Biafra Go, Donald Trump Sends Strong Message To Buhari
Donald Trump and Buhari
Donald Trump the Republican front-runner in the United States forthcoming election has issued a Statement Regarding British Referendum on E.U. Membership, this was done through interviews and publications available on Facebook and Twitter. He clearly stated that the right to self-determination is a very secret right express by all free people to declare their independence from where they already are.
Government Orders Emergency Security Meeting Following Militant's Bomb Threats
Militant's Bomb
A Niger Delta militant group, the Utorogun Liberation Movement (ULM) has threatened to blow up the Utorogun gas plant in Ughelli.
Buhari’s Dwindling Northern Domination Agenda Exposed  In 23 Points
APC Presidential Campaign Rally in Kano State
It was supposed to be easy for Buhari’s Northern power bloc. The northern domination agenda was about to be fully unleashed on the country called Nigeria.
Buhari Release Benjamin Madubugwu And David Nwawuisi
Buhari Release Benjamin Madubugwu And David Nwawuisi
When a Dictator decides to rape Mother Justice, even the blind will be engulfed with shame. The self-appointed judge ‘Justice Muhammadu Buhari’ has indeed stained the white cloth of justice, ridiculed mother justice and the court of jurisdiction.
Using Extermination Strategy To Save Nigeria
Buhari and killed Biafrans
Right from time immemorial, Nigeria state has always been a failed state. After Frederick lugard a British Business mogul succeeded in temporarily uniting the three region without due consultation, there had never been ,harmony and peaceful coexistence between the major ethnic group viz Hausa,Igbo and Yoruba.
Tyrant Buhari: The Mad King
Buhari not there
The man whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad!
The simplest defining distinction between a leader and a ruler is that a leader leads from the front of the line while a ruler rules from behind.
Opening fire on peaceful Biafrans who clearly posed no threat to anyone is an outrageous- Amnesty International
Amnesty International
An on-the-ground investigation by Amnesty International has confirmed that the Nigerian army gunned down unarmed people ahead of last month’s planned pro-Biafran commemoration events in Onitsha, Anambra state.
The Nigeria Army Must Be Investigated And Graves In Onistha Barracks Exhumed For Autopsy
Dead Biafrans killed by Nigerian military
The Nigeria Army Cantonment in Onitsha, 302 Artillery Regiment, which is popularly known as Onitsha Barracks has become a slaughter house and grave sites for innocent Biafrans. Anambra state has witnessed the highest rate of extra-judicial killings of members of Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB, by the Nigeria Navy, Nigeria Army, Nigeria Police, DSS, and Anambra State Vigilante.
Fulani Herdsmen/Biafra Killings: Archbishop Chukwuma Lashes Out At Buhari
Fulani Herdsmen killers
The Anglican Archbishop of Enugu Ecclesiastical Province, Dr Emmanuel Chukwuma is not happy with certain current affairs of the nation. For one, he rates President Muhammadu Buhari’s performance in the last one year as grossly unimpressive. He also regretted the president’s failure
Finally, ECOWAS Court Slams $3.3m Fine On Nigeria Over Extra-Judicial Killing
Abuja – The Economic Community of West African States’ (ECOWAS) court has imposed a fine of $3.3 million on Nigeria over the extra-judicial killing of eight citizens in the Apo District of Abuja, Federal Capital Territory.
Incredulous! Hungry Nigerian Soldiers are "looting" Pots of Soup from Family Kitchens in Gbaramatu Kingdom - Tompolo raises alarm
Nigeria Soldiers looting pots of soup2
Nigerian troops have been accused of widespread human rights abuses in the Delta community of Gbaramatu Kingdom, including stealing pots of soup from family kitchens. "Even pots of soup were not spared. The Army has massively looted resident homes, desecrated traditional places of worship, committed sacrilege, abominations and what have you.”
Frequent killing of Biafrans is outrageous- AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL
30 May Killings 1
Amnesty International has described as outrageous and unnecessary, the incessant massacre of Biafran activists in the country by a combined team of Nigerian armed forces.
Biafra:  Has Our Peaceful Approach Turns To Be Foolishness?
Biafra Peaceful Approach
The Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB, have shown a high degree of peace and decorum in their struggle for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra and have been applauded across the world which has led to their registration in over 88 countries in the world.
Fear of Biafra- Buhari Spends Millions Of Dollars Funding Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign
Clinton and Buhari
A reliable source has revealed to Family Writers that Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari in a bid to frustrate the freedom of Biafrans, has secretly spent more than $20million so far in funding the Presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton- one of the front runners of the upcoming Presidential election in the United States of America.
Mayhems in Biafra: Discontent in 'Biafraland'
Biafra Protest4
Port Harcourt, Nigeria -- Minutes after touching down in Port Harcourt, I could feel the paranoia setting in.
I'd come to the city in Nigeria's south to travel to "Biafraland" in the southeast, which declared independence from the rest of the country in 1967, sparking a brutal civil war that lasted until 1970.
Nigeria fantastically corrupt: £860 million fraud: Buhari finally surrender
Buhari -UK and US Question
Controversies have begun to trail the accusations that President Muhammadu Buhari, misappropriated and diverted £860 million Britain’s aid given to him to fight insurgency, aside the $2.1 billion provided by the United States.
Niger Delta Avengers: We Are Young, Educated And Tactical
Niger Delta Avengers
I sincerely pity those who call Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) empty heads. If you think they don't know what they are doing or just clueless and making noise, while they issue empty threats, then I do pity you, really I do. These NDA are young, educated, well trained, well travelled, enlightened, well equipped and most of them were educated in east Europe.
Is the chairman of Fulani cattle breeders also from Libya?
Fulani cattle breeders
One thing is becoming clear to me, Hausa/Fulani leaders tend to see everyone like the slaves they call subjects. Because one genuflects and licks his ass, come to his house as Alhaji he is and die for him. Bomb for him and do everything he wants just to please him.
If anything happens to Nnamdi Kanu by Ibrahim Hamza
Ibrahim Hamza
Fellow Nigerians please kneel down and be praying seven times a day let nothing happen to Nnamdi Kanu. Cause if anything happens to him. The earth will boil. Heaven will turn blood. Sun will be closer than ever. Ground will open and people like you and I will have no hiding place.
How Nigeria’s Corruption Became Fantastic – By Onwuasoanya FCC Jones
Everything Corruption
In case you do not understand what the British Prime Minister, David Cameron was saying or why he chose to qualify the rate of Nigeria’s corruption as ‘fantastic’, I will give you an illustration that may help you to better understand the youthful Prime Minister’s irrefutable position on the level of corruption in Black Africa’s largest country
The State-Sponsored Impunity Of The Fulani Criminals 
Fulani herdsmen 3
About 11days ago, after much criticism, condemnation and persuasion from Nigerians, president Buhari broke his criminal silence over the murderous activities of his Fulani kinsmen.
Biafra: Expose Nigeria Atrocities Or Drag Your Name To The Mud- Open Letter To Ecowas Court
The fact that Nigeria is desperately trying to survive the ship-wreck that is currently rocking it cannot be over-emphasised hence one should not surprised to see a country as devastated as Nigeria commanding an international court of competent jurisdiction like the ECOWAS Court to hands off a case pertaining to their numerous Rights abuses against Nnamdi Kanu
Are Prophets Of Doom Being Proved Right?
Orji Uzor Kalu 3
The recent events in our dear country seem to give some credence to the doomsday prophecy that was widely speculated some time in 2013/14 that Nigeria would be embroiled in crises of terrifying magnitude in 2015 that would lead ultimately to its balkanization.
Amnesty International Statement Said Buhari’s Government is a ‘Monumental Failure’ For Reinstating War Crime General
Amnesty International
Amnesty Internation in a statement has described the recent reinstatement of Maj. Gen Ahmadu Mohammed by President Buhari as a “monumental failure of the government to stamp out impunity for war crimes at the highest level.”
Family Writers Interview with Chairman of International Society For Civil Liberties And the Rule of Law
IPOB demo
Emeka Umeagbalasi is the Chairman of a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) known as International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law(INTER-SOCIETY). He is a renowned Criminologist and an expert in Security Studies.

Biafrans Are Killed While Fulani Herdsmen Are Protected
Biafrans are Killed
The Global Terror Watch Index (GTWI) has described the "Fulani Herdsmen" as the deadliest known terrorist group but Fulani Herdsmen are killing Biafrans and destroying properties in Biafraland, and none have been arrested or prosecuted.
Attack Against Fulani Herdsmen-Terrorists Is Attack Against Buhari
Buhari How
Is Buhari really a terrorist? This is just a question and what i will try to ascertain in this article. I have questions and stories i will love to share with you. These questions and stories convinced me that Buhari is a terrorist even-though he doesn't carry AK47 and wear suicide belts.
Biafra Avengers: Beware Of Carrots On Scorpion Infested Sticks
IN the light of history, the director of the most listened radio station and leader of the most peaceful people on earth, the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) Mazi Nnamdi kanu was kidnapped by secret murderous agents of MUMUMMADU BUHARI on October 14th 2015.
After Begging Them, See Niger Avengers Reply To Buhari, What They Said’ll Shock You
Buhari and NDA
The Niger Delta Avengers, NDA, yesterday, asked President Muhammadu Buhari to call for a referendum for Nigerians to decide if they want to stay as one country or not, just like Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (UK), David Cameron, did over the UK membership of the European Union EU.
Buhari calls for the Disbarment of Lawyer, for Forged WAEC Law Suit against Him
Buhari How
Rather than make public the WAEC certificate of President Muhammadu Buhari, the  presidency has decided to deploy diversionary tactics.
We Never Remember Having Any Agreement On Ceasefire With The Nigeria Govt--Avengers
A man's word is his bond, but in Nigeria, the reverse is the case.  Nigerian government is full of lies and deceit, there is no iota of truthfulness in them.
A President Without Certificate: Nigeria Yet To Experience Economic Meltdown
Buhari 22
Nigeria is currently in shamble, as total economic meltdown and downturn is being experienced, since Muhammadu Buhari was sworn in as the President of Nigeria on 29th May 2015. The reason behind the lack of administrative ideology and concept by Muhammadu Buhari, is not too far from his Zero Educational qualification concreted with his obvious lack of Certificate.
Biafrans Online Plead Shawn Branch To Support Donald Trump
Donald Trump
The love the people of Biafra have for Donald Trump has stirred controversies with their campaigner. Shawn Branch has been a consistent campaigner for the consideration of the people of Biafra whom he believes is unjustly treated in the establishment called Nigeria. He took to the social media and relentlessly telling the world what is going on and reasons Biafra should be supported
The Frightening Accuracy of a 2014 Prophecy About Buhari’s Government
A Facebook user, Kelechi Ekezie, during the 2015 election campaigns had posted a comment on Facebook about the possible outcome of General Muhammadu Buhari winning the elections which was upcoming at the time.
See What Presidency Plans To Do To Judge Over Ruling On Buhari's Forged WASSCE Certificate
Justice Adeniyi Ademola
Justice Adeniyi Ademola, of the Federal High Court, Abuja, on Thursday, June 16, was forced to adjourn a suit challenging the academic credentials of President Muhammadu Buhari, a top source confirmed to Post-Nigeria.
Ban Ki-Moon What Is The Price Behind Your Total Silence?
Ban Ki-Moon
Photo: Ban Ki-Moon
One will wonder why the Secretary General of United Nations has been mute over the perpetual brutalization and gruesome killings orchestrated by the Nigeria Government against the Indigenous People Of Biafra?
Osibanjo In Trouble As Northerners Plot To Replace
VP, Osibanjo
Nigeria may not be far from another coup d'etat as revelations has been made concerning plans to oust the incumbent government of President Muhammadu Buhari whose health conditions has worsened in recent times.
Nnamdi Kanu's Award Of 'Great Liberator' Shocks The World As Moves To Confer Him Another Echoes
Nnamdi Kanu's Award
The detained leader of the indigenous people of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, was recently honoured with an award of a 'GREAT LIBERATOR' in Enugu State by Igbo Youth Movement despite he is still incarcerated.
The Nigeria Army Must Be Investigated And Graves In Onistha Barracks Exhumed For Autopsy
Massive extrajudicial killings of Biafrans
The Nigeria Army Cantonment in Onitsha, 302 Artillery Regiment, which is popularly known as Onitsha Barracks has become a slaughter house and grave sites for innocent Biafrans.
Nigerian Police Allegedly Kill 4 IPOB Members In Their Custody, Traffick Their Organs
Reports coming in from a correspondence in Asaba, Delta State, says that 4 out of the 6 members of the indigenous people of Biafra that were arrested by the Nigerian police on May 30, the day they remembered their fallen heroes have being reportedly killed by the police, with their organs allegedly taken out from their bodies, then body dumped inside the ocean.
They Killed My Wife Right In My Face – Man Whose Wife Was Killed By Muslim Youth Cries For Justice
Woman Killed by Muslim Youths
There is no justification for taking a human’s life. This horrific act meted out on an innocent woman in the name of “blasphemy” is totally unacceptable… something needs to be done urgently by the authorities to stop this shameless trend.
The Zombies In The Nigerian Horde Of Mass Murderers And The BBC Of All Lies
Massive extrajudicial killings of Biafrans
We think soldiers have a code of honour. There are certain acts that are considered abhorrent by the civilised world.  Even savage warriors sometimes treat their unarmed enemies with dignity.
Family Writers May 30th Live Report From Nkpor Anambra State
30 May Killings 1
Today been the 30th of May 2016 Biafrans all over the World are massively commemorating the Biafra Heroes Past and as well observing the 50th Biafra anniversary.
A Secret Radar System Detects British Submarine Heading Bights Of Biafra (Niger Delta)
British Submarine
British Submarine reportedly heading towards The Bights of Biafra to be on standby as a result of the looming war between the collapsing Republic of Nigeria and the oil rich Niger Delta in Biafra region.
Open Letter To America:  Sell Weapons To Buhari And Be Guilty Of Another Genocide
Buhari and Obam
One of the things that has glued permanently on the mind of every Biafran is the memory and imagery of the genocide of 1966-1970. Personally, I feel a heavy burden right inside me whenever I try to imagine what our people actually were forced to experience because of the conspiracy and hypocrisy of the world.
U.S Govt Supporting Oil Majors To Commit Ecocide In The Niger Delta – American Lawmaker
Cynthia McKinney, American politician and activist
Millions of barrels of oil have been spilled in Nigeria’s Delta region. Tired of the abuse, Nigerians just blew up a pipeline and a platform in an attempt to rectify what politicians and courts have been slow to do.
To Foreign And Commonwealth Office: Charles Walker Deserves A Sincere Reply To His Questions
Charles Walker
I have always maintained that irrespective of political or party affiliations, human right or human existence should be jealously protected by all. Diplomacy should not be taken to a faulty extent and only truth can give a shot at a better world. In this my essay, I plan to establish truth that Charles Walker may know the truth even though he may not build on it.
Buhari Offers Me 100 Million Bribe To Jail Nnamdi Kanu
Justice John Tsoho and Buhari
The magistrate and High courts all in Abuja have earlier freed Nnamdi Kanu of all frivolous charges brought against him by Buhari and his bunch of incompetent and unintelligent buffoons in the DSS. The bail charges were met but Buhari and DSS continued to hold him extra-judicially.
Obama, Buhari, and the Preventing of a Free Biafra
Obama Buhari igno
Either the Obama administration is ignorant of Buhari’s human rights abuses against the Igbo in Biafra or they are complicit. Buhari has often used Boko Haram as a foil to generate arms and sympathy from the West.
No Going Back On Biafra Restoration
Biafra Rest
We have decided to make ourselves free Men, France under Napoleon did it, Germany under Prince van Bismarck did it, even England I know too did it, America under George Washington did it then we Biafrans under Prince Nnamdi kanu are out to do it. We are here to do what other races have done, what other nations have done and what other people have done. We came with every possible way or means to restore Biafra.
"Nigeria Is Fantastically Corrupt" (Present Tense Not Past Tense)
Nigeria Is Fantastically Corrupt
Apart from obviously failing in the knowledge, application, and deployment, the Buhari/APC presidency also lacks knowledge in the rudiments of the English Language. David Cameron said and I quote, "Nigeria is fantastically corrupt"! That is present tense! David Cameron didn't say, Nigeria 'was' fantastically corrupt. Shehu Garba shouldn't have tried to imply that Cameron was referring to the past. You have £1 million in the bank, your daughters attend expensive foreign schools in the UK, fly 1st Class ....
An International Group has a Warning for Biafra Agitators
Biafrans Demonstrate8
An international group, the Organisation of Emerging African States (OEAS) has warned the agitators for the Republic of Biafra to watch out for pitfalls that might arise within them.
Onitsha Bomb Explosion; The True Story & Distorted Facts
Onitsha Bomb Explosion
In the evening of Tuesday, 3th of May, 2016, between 8.30pm and 9pm, there was a heavy explosion with deafening sound. It resulted in people around the area including parishioners of the SS Peter & Paul Catholic Church, at Nkutaku, scampering for safety.
Grazing Reserve Bill: Setting the records straight
Cows destroying farm in the name of grazing
Our attention has, again, been drawn to public statements credited to some serving Senators in Nigeria to the effect that the National Grazing Reserve Bill is not before the Upper Chamber or Senate of the National Assembly
Warning To All Biafrans Across The Globe. In The Face Of Annihilation What Has The Elites Done?
Biafra - Returned 25
There are terrible incidents that can happen to a man in his life time and he will overlook it and face the needless not knowing that such incidents, will after a long time come with endless trauma as its aftermath.
ENUGU MASSACRE:  ICC Should Question Albert Ella, Omaga And DSS
Enugu Killings by Fulani Herdsmen 6
It must be stated clearly that, Albert Ella the presumed Human Right activist and Edward Omaga his attorney are also amongst others the instigators of the 25th of April 2016 Enugu Biafra massacre, unforgivably carried out by the Fulani Herdsmen


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